Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Blogs and Bloggers

My own observation on the different types of bloggers on the WWW

1.The daily blogger - This blogger tends to have a post posted on every day, regardless if there are issues to write about or not. These blogs usually can be interpreted as an online diary where the said blogger pours out his or her heart for all to see. Some may consist of what they did in day to day life such as what happened at work/school/home, what they had for lunch and how they feel about the said lunch, or even an apology to readers if they cannot post something long enough to be classified as a post.

2. The random blogger - The random blog has posts that cover any topic under the sun, be it about themselves, their friends, trials and tribulations, stories from the past and present, and maybe future too, observations, etc. They may not be posting posts every single day, but then some of them might. The blog usually has no particular direction, and if I assume correctly, the reason these blogs come into being may be due to the blogger's need to have an outlet to express their thoughts.

3. Kenny Sia - Malaysia's own most famous blogger, posts about anything that catches his attention. Can be categorised as a random blogger too. He has no qualms about discussing some issues that may be misintepreted and deemed sensitive by certain people. Hilarious most of the time.

4. The angsty blogger - These blogs I presume are most probably written by by angsty young people. Yes, life is not a bed of roses, and these people need to vent out all their pent up anger to be able to live life normally. My wild imagination pictures these angsty writers as gothic looking people who look as though they cried the whole night away (while not blogging) with smeared eyeliner... Their blogs are usually titled something like " the rants of...", "the disillusioned..."

5. The poetry blog - Some people like to read poems and collect them, and what better way then to set up a blog just for all the poems they find interesting. Some which I have read mostly just put up the poem and don't say why. It would be interesting to know their personal thoughts and interpretation of the poems...

6. The baby blogger - Ha! Ha! Ha!... Don't be fooled, the blogger is not a baby, but an extremely excited parent who spends their time putting up the baby photos and events that the baby should know about in the future. These hi-tech parents should be applauded for their efforts to show the world how happy they are about their baby... and I'm sure the baby will be so happy to find out that everybody knows about them, has seen them in their nappies, what was their first word, etc (maybe except for the time when they are moody and surly teenagers...)

7. The work blog - Some jobs are interesting enough to be blogged about, such as music video directors.... But I cannot imagine some jobs being blogged about, but then again, anything is possible :)

8. The marketing/Advertisement blog - Unfortunately one of the most boring kind. Aren't there too many advertisements on the radio and telly already, and now we have to put up with this? 'sigh'

9. The adult blogger - You have to be 18 above to access this... and there's tab stating that you really have to 18 and above, so please click on the tab... too much of a waste of time, so couldn't be bothered... but there are some out there which is in the general category. Interesting....

10. The photo blogger - Fans of photography will love this. Unfortunately photos take a looooong time to load especially when you still use a dial up connection. I'll pass...

11. The Storytellers blog - Some people practice writing on their blogs. Provides free entertainment for readers and the writers get comments that may help them better their skills in case they decide to pursue writing seriously. Some dedicate blogs to jokes, but I don't have any idea if the jokes are theirs or they heard it from somewhere. I must add though that my favourite happens to funny stories which happened in real life.
I think I'll categorise myself as the random blogger...

February 10, 2006

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  1. so... what type of blogger are you? ... and me?


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