Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Another birthday story

Today reminds me of the time when my friends and I made a CD for a friend on her 21st birthday. Honestly, the CD was something we put together, but the whole process of “the making of the CD” provided me, if not all of us a sense of something to look back and remember and have a good laugh about.

Birthday presents were always a hard topic. Budget, the person involved’s likes and dislikes, time factor, and who was going to do the purchasing….oh yeah, and keeping the whole thing a secret from the person involved (the worst part of the whole experience but it was worth every effort when you see the genuine look of surprise on the person’s face – either the secret was really well kept, or the whole gang, 12 in all are deserving nominees for best actresses)

Collecting bits and pieces of songs we sang from the time we met, not to mention singing it to the microphone to be recorded was not an easy process, as I found myself choking with laughter; and at the same time trying to block out the funny memories, which spurred the creation of those songs. Worse still was when a bunch of us had to sing and one of us accidentally letting out a suppressed giggle would result in us having to redo the whole piece, and more laughter will follow suit…

Hmmmm… another memory from the CD included me and another friend calling out the birthday girl for lunch so that her boyfriend could go over to her house and sing on her housemate’s microphone. What was so abnormal about this was that we hardly went for lunch, as we mostly woke up after lunch time, one of her housemates had to skip lunch although she was awake to accommodate the boyfriend’s singing, and due to unforeseen delays, some of us had to keep her away from her house until he had finished singing and got out of her house. The best part of it all was she never suspected a thing. Good for her!

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