Thursday, March 30, 2006

Rock rocks

People's taste in music is subjective, or should be. You could be a fan of gangsta rap as well as golden oldies at the same time. Many people don't even go for music genres... they listen to anything that is available and enjoy all kinds of music. Some people have an eclectic taste. I say cool :)

But then again, why do some people look at rock music as though it is the worst thing that was ever created? Take for instance the recent banning of black metal music here. OK, I admit that I'm not a fan of black metal, heck i don't even know what it sounds like and, nor can I name anyone else who might be a fan of this particular type of music. I'm just assuming that this music is placed under the category "ROCK". How does anyone expect anyone to 'grow' if they are not exposed to everything in this world? I feel it is up to the individual if they want to listen to a particular type of music or not.

Another thing that has been bugging me is why do people have to wonder as to how some people enjoy listening to rock music. They think it's noisy (err... guitars and drums are musical instruments, hence they make noise) and the singers scream (how else are you gonna make yourself heard over the 'noisy' guitars and drums?) My question is what's wrong with that? Some people's noise is other people's music!

Yeah... rock songs may at times be a bit unsingable to, but they do provide good entertainment :)

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