Friday, March 03, 2006

The Ghost and the Darkness

Hmm.. many might mistake this as the movie made back in 1996. Personally, I’ve never seen it myself, but the ghost and the darkness here refers to a certain basic math lecturer I had in first year.The funny thing was, math being quite an interesting subject managed to put even the most alert of students to sleep with this woman droning on and on about the subject. This is however, NOT a character assassination of the said lecturer but my own thoughts on the happenings in her classes.

Firstly, her classes were mostly at 11:00 am, time for brunch, so of course a bunch of hungry 18 year olds would need a bite before going for class, therefore, there were obviously lots of late comers to the class, and plenty of disturbances…Secondly, she loved hovering near the bright lights of the projector, thus hiding part of the slide she was teaching from and casting a hilarious looking shadow on the wall.

It curiously looked like a rocket, or shuttle cock or something conical… hehehe… And, it was this shadow that prompted the name giving of the ghost and the darkness – NOT related to the movie, but the title was catchy, and fun…Having her going on for the whole hour was quite painful, because for some unknown reason, she was barely audible (maybe the class was noisy)… and toward 11:50, if you listened well enough, there would have been whispered versions of “auld lang syne”, all dedicated to the Ghost and the Darkness. And yeah, this was more audible compared to her lessons!Note: Was one of the singers ;-)

April 29, 2005

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