Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Rock Yourselves Out

Ahem! If you're a reluctant procrastinator like myself, I implore you to stop reading right here and click on the exit button, because I assure you that if you do continue, you will end up procrastinating, like I did.

Anyway, the picture above was in circulation over the net a few years ago, stating that there are about 75 bands hidden in the picture, all under (or formerly under) the record label Virgin Records, and I had spent a few good hours over several weeks trying to figure out the bands that were rather cleverly hidden there after seeing it on this blog. I managed to get a few before giving up because I started seeing stars, but no one seems to know if they are right or wrong!

So, what you've got to do is to see if you can identify the bands/singers listed above and then place your answers in the comments section. Further discussion will ensue when I get back :)


  1. - Blur
    - Scissor Sisters
    - Led Zeppelin
    - Blues Brothers
    - Guns & Roses
    - Pet Shop Boys
    - Rolling Stones
    - Whitesnake
    - Alice in Chains
    - Smashing Pumpkins
    - The Eagles
    - Cake
    - B52's (housemate noticed them)
    - Queen?

    That was fun!

  2. this is sooooo friggin cool...to add to orhan's list...
    -the pixies - floating above the pet shop boys
    -U2 - written on the wall at the back on the right
    -Men at Work - im guessing are the 2 suited men
    - Matchbox 20 - written on the ground
    - Madonna - Painting in the window on the left
    - Green DAy - next to the big gorilla
    - Gorillaz (duh!) ;)
    - the Eagles
    - Radio head - below U2 (im most proud of myself for finding this one!) :)
    - WHite Zombie
    - Deep Purple - this is a guess..cos of the purple wall...could be wrong! need to check that one out
    - RHCP - on the veggies kart
    - korn - this is again a guess...cos none of the veggies look like korn...

    k..im done for now...but i know il be back for more! and i have a report deliverable for tomorrow! (CRAP!)

    il tell u the ones which are buggin me..but cant figure them out..
    - the yellow dude standing under shop
    -the poster of the rooster nehind the zombie
    - the mangled acrobats
    - the 3 dancing girls in front of the boulder
    - whatever u call it on the fire escape...

    ok il stop now...cos i think i might be spoling the fun for others!

    once again...this was friggin awesome.. thanks!

    i think this has to be my longest comment till now! :)

  3. Orhan: It was, wasn't it? Thanks for taking the time to do this :)

    Princess Fiona: LOL! I'm curious about the yellow dude as well! Thanks for joining in the fun :)

    SS: :)

  4. You got me addicted to sneeze!!! Nooooo!

  5. Nickelback

    ... everything else I've seen is already listed!

  6. black crows
    iron maiden - I was wondering what that was for awhile!
    block party - the people dancing in the building

    right I'm going back to work now!

  7. I'm basing mine on a clearer pic i found on flickr...

    - nine-inch-nails
    - spoon
    - talking heads (below U2)
    - Radiohead (actually on the zebra crossing)
    - Dead Kennedys
    - Lemonheads
    - Garbage
    - Manic Street Preachers - those Hare Krishna type fellas near those two girls kissing below that whitesnake
    - Blind Melon
    - 50 cents? (that half dollar coin?)
    - Sex Pistols? (the ugly queen's guns)
    - King Crimson? (the one being attacked with sex pistols)
    - Flaming Lips? (those kissing girls?)

    donno if the above bands are with Virgin. Malas mau check...

    BTW, that's not a rooster, its a seal.

  8. SS: You got caught up with it too? Welcome to the club! ;)

    Aunty: So was I (wondering about iron maiden)... I'm afraid that's what this quiz does to you :)

    Sree: You found a clearer pic on flickr? Good call... :) Actually I did look for artistes under Virgin over the weekend but to not much avail...

  9. I thought the coin might be a nickel - hence nickel back

    If it's a seal, perhaps it represents seal?

    Have we thought of prince for the bloke being shot by the queen??

  10. My guess was Prince too (mainly because I've not heard of King Crimson), and Fiona's acrobats should be Twisted Sister, I suppose...

  11. King Crimson is with Virgin, thats why I thought it could be them... but its probably Prince.

    I think you're correct about Twisted Sister.

    According to one forum, there are 70 pop acts in the pic, not 75 bands. But in that picture, Petshopboys is missing.

    KISS!!! Not The Flaming Lips!

  12. I remember seeing that one... it's got the left hand side cut off... even this one seems to hide the image of 3 scorpions at the side, which adds the scorpions into the list :)

  13. Nope, not even going to try! I prefer my procrastination to be easier!


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