Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Lullabies and Fragrances

There I was, sitting in an air conditioned meeting room (but the label outside the door said Library) amidst a few computers, some people and a trainer, wondering what substance could possibly be in the fragrance (which I believe was placed there because someone assumed it smelled nice -I thought it was strangely minty, and that's pretty strange coming from someone who thinks that mint rocks!) that was released every 5 minutes or so because it seemed to induce an indescribable feeling of needed to sleep right away.

Hmmm... did I just discover a remedy for insomnia?


  1. Or maybe it was the meeting that was putting you to sleep!

  2. Orhan: Will update you on what I find out about the substance ;)

    Citizen: LOL! I sure hope not :)

  3. So it did solve the purpose after all...

  4. Can u find a fragrance that cures hypersomnia???? I'm way behind work cos i'm sleeping too damn much!

  5. rakesh: who knows? :)

    sabrina: LOL!


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