Friday, March 20, 2009

Oh, Gullibility!

It was over 24 hours ago when I discovered something and I've not been able to stop myself from flashing an idiotic grin each time the very thought of the thing crosses my mind, and if you know how my mind works as well as I do, then you'd know that it means I've been grinning to myself at least once every hour.

See, I came across a wonderfully exciting post in a blog I read almost on a daily basis and actually thanked the blogger for such an enlightening post. I even went as far as recommending the post to another blogger. The only problem with the whole thing is, the article was meant to be a joke - a pretty obvious one, really... if and only if I had read the label/tag at the bottom of the post, which I obviously didn't do the first time, and only noticed it when I visited the blog the second time to share the link! It did cross my mind for a fleeting moment that the words "stuff I made up" didn't seem so right, but I just ignored that feeling, only to really discover the next day that it was indeed a joke post. Oh, how I laughed!

Oh, the gullibility!

Note to self: ALWAYS read the tags and labels on blog posts!


  1. I thought something wasn't right about your excitement for that particular post. Now I know. You're too cute :)

  2. LOL! Yeah, a bit of overexcitement, I suppose... it takes me to end up doing things like that... glad you thought it was cute though :)

  3. hehe! the correlation between malnutrition and their height is enough to see that she made up the whole thing. But I agree with Orhan, you are so cute. Your blog is very cute. Every time I read it I feel that I'd really enjoy your company as a friend in real life. Hope I am not scaring anyone away :D

  4. Can't imagine how surprised you would've been at first, finding the truth about those small creatures... He he

    And finally someone knows the spelling of 'cute' :-)

    No offense to you V, was just referring to one of her earlier posts...

  5. V: Hahaha... actually I never would have suspected the correlation being misleading at all. Oh, and thanks for thinking that me and my blog are cute... I'm very flattered, seriously :)

    Rakesh: A bit too surprised perhaps to have missed reading the tag/label :)

  6. sorry about that!! This is the kind of bullshit you have to put up with on a daily basis if you live here. We like to make up stories and see how ridiculous you can make them before people go "come on that's bullshit". I must also confess that I tried this particular story in person on someone awhile ago, giving the example of Chewie being from Leprechaun stock. Chewie went along with it and everything. Although probably saying "there always after me lucky charms" repeatedly didn't help. I was not believed that time. So maybe I'm more convincing in writing than in person!!

    And for the record you weren't the only one who didn't read the label!

    Oh and V Irish people have gotten substantially taller in the last 50 years due to a complete change in the availability of food. In most family my generation are much taller than their parents, so it's not totally ridiculous... ok it is, but it might be true?!

  7. Terra, I am notoriously gullible, it's nice to see I'm in good company.

    And AHD is right, we have honed the skill of the bullshit story to a fine art, so there's no shame in falling for it.

  8. But what about Alabama Leprechauns?

  9. At least you can laugh about it.

  10. Aunty: Your writing is very convincing... actually, some of my friends and I have done something similar to another friend before, which she believed :)

    Hoozle: LOL! I think the bullshitting skills are excellent, and it's nice to know that I'm not alone in my gullibility :)

    Woozie: Another joke, perhaps?

    Travis: Oh yeah... :)

  11. There's nothing wrong with Gullibility :)


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