Sunday, March 08, 2009

The 29th Year

It was in the late afternoon, almost evening-ish on the 8th of March 1980 when a woman in labour was wheeled into an empty waiting room thanks to a negligent nurse. Not much later, a little baby girl was born in that empty waiting room while her family was anxiously waiting for them elsewhere. That baby was me. *Somewhere out there on a radio playing in someone's house, or in a car, or even a restaurant, one of the many radio stations would have been playing the song "Crazy Little Thing Called Love"

Many years later a few hours before she officially turns the unseen page of age 29, she sits in front of her laptop listening to some music while figuring out what to write to document that particular moment in time. It's been an interesting journey and she wonders what the final year of her third decade has in store for her. She reels back in amazement at the speed time has flown by, but she knows that she wants to make this year one hell of a memorable one... As o how she's going to make that happen, we'll just have to sit back and see.

She thinks that it's pretty cool that she shares her birthday with the International Women's Day, and co-incidentally, the bookstore in which she is a member of has decided that ladies get a 25% discount off books (only selected titles, though) until the end of the month! Her phone service provider tells her that she gets 50% off phone calls made on her birthday as long as the calls are to the same service provider. Now isn't that fun? Her only problem is that she's not very fond of talking on the phone!

Strangely she also shares her birthday with one of her country's most irrelevant politicians. She fervently hopes that she doesn't ever end up like him when she turns 70! He would have had a tremendous blow on his birthday the previous year when the General Elections were held and he lost at the constituency he was contesting in for the first time ever in his political history. For her, the previous year's birthday was spent in front of the laptop awaiting the official results of the General Elections. She also shares it with Freddie Prinze Jr.

* A little browsing around in a **website revealed that the #1 song at around that time in 1980 was "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" by Queen. It can't be denied that she is a little crazy about Queen. She also wonders if there is anyone out there who wants to share what song could have been playing at the moment they were born.

** main website

Note: Happy International Women's Day to all women and err... Happy Birthday to me!


  1. Happy Birthday, Anusha!

    My song would have been either Brand New Key by Melanie or American Pie by Don McLean.

  2. Babies. I'm surrounded by babies.

    A very happy birthday to you and I hope the last year in your twenties is a wonderful one.

  3. happy birthday! May 29 be a good year!



  5. Hey Happy Bird Day Girl!!!

    And ya, Happy Women's Day as well...

    Song when I was born? I just did a google and came up with
    Tonight's the night (Rod Stewart);
    Dancing Queen; and
    Hotel California.

    This is fun, I actually love the two songs - Dancing Queen and Hotel California...

  6. happy bday girl..have a fab day and year ahead of u..may all ur dreams come true! :)

  7. Ian: Thank you! Wow at American Pie as your birthday song!

    citizen: Lol! I hope you meant babies agewise :) And thank you...

    Aunty: Thank you... I hope so too!

    Orhan: Thank you. Oh yeah, indeed! :)

    Travis: Thank you :)

    Rakesh: Thank you! Hotel California's pretty cool to have as a birthday song :)

    Princess F: Thank you. And welcome aboard! :)

  8. Belated happy birthday, Anu!
    Hope you had a great day and have a great year!

  9. Belated B'day Wishes, Terra! Wishing you a great 29th yr ahead!

    Btw, nice new blog look! :)

  10. Suki: Thank you! ;)

    popsie: Thank you for the wishes. Glad you like the new layout. Not too loud, eh? :)

  11. Aaaah hell, I'm late, but happy birthday! I hope you had an awesome awesome day.

    Love the new template, very chic!

  12. Thank you Kartik... I did have an awesome day :)

  13. Oooo, your birthday falls on the same day as my buddy's little girl :D Happy Belated Birthday anyway :D


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