Monday, March 09, 2009

Barbie and the Birthday

It was meant to be a birthday bash for a cousin who turned 21 less than a month ago, but because all families are somewhat weird in their own special way (where ours involves family members going into silent mode never to be heard from by not answering calls and declining all social events for at least a year for no apparent reason), it ended up being a little barbeque party for a 29 year old and a 47 year old! And a small cake cutting ceremony with the birthday song but no candles! (We would have needed about 76 candles!!)

Why cancel a party just because the original reason for throwin the party was not around?

So, we spent the morning right up till the evening preparing stuff for the potluck. Cutting and chopping, washing and well, working in general! My sister and I picked modified Italian food as our theme with a dish of our version of Bruschetta. Next we decided to make Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms using local ingredients (ie substituting Italian sausages with Malaysian made sausages) and making up the recipe as we went through with the process.

Stuffed Portobello mushrooms

There was a barbie pit with the fire roaring, sting ray cooked with lots of chilli made by an aunt, some jellies, one made by my sister and I and another made by my mom, and a few other things. Some music, and whole bunch of lively people, worries about work and exams forgotten for a bit

A pretty good way to spend a day...

From the top: Mom's mirror jelly, a somewhat mutilated cake


  1. i thought 'barbie' for barbeque was very aussie slang - interesting that it's used in malaysia too.

  2. It is Aussie in origin, I know I use it mostly in writing, but I can't speak for other Malaysians... :)

  3. She is a worldly woman, Trauma Queen.

    That looks like one awesome cake! The rest of it looks yum-o too!

    The pictures in the middle of the post didn't load for me :(

  4. LOL at worldly woman, Orhan...

    The cake was good, and the mushrooms were a hit! As for the pictures not loading, I can't seem to find out why.... they load on my browser just fine. Sorry!

  5. Orhan: I just found out the problem... It did have some issues in IE (I'm using Mozilla), and I am pleased to inform you that I have rectified the problem. I only had 3 pictures, but IE showed about 5... 3 real pictures and 2 missing objects.


  6. Now that makes sense! Thank you :)

  7. Sting ray with a lot of chilli on a grill sounds awesome!!!

    The mushroom seems like a lot of cheese... not interesting.

  8. I love bruschetta.

    What are those things in the middle?

  9. Orhan: It doesn, doesn't it? STill can't figure out why it happened though...

    Rakesh: Yeah, it was good... as for the cheese, I understand. Some people just cannot handle cheese, but everyone at the gathering are wonderfully lactose tolerant and are cheesaholics!

    Citizen: Cool... I assume you're referring to the middle picture? It's what my mom calls mirror jelly. Basically it's jelly cooked with evaporated milk as the base, and topped up with colourful jelly which suspends in the base while cooling down

  10. A very happy belated birthday TS! Hope you have a wonderful life ahead!

  11. mmmm cake.... it all looks so good!

  12. I don't fancy mushrooms but that Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms looks really yummy :D

  13. V: Thank you for the wishes :)

    Aunty: Oh yeah... can't really say no to cake :)

    Nick: It was... one thing we discovered was mushrooms taste better cooked Western style compared to Asian style.

  14. I got taken in by 'barbie' too. It was later in the post that I realised you were talking about a barbecue. The food looks yummy, especially the mushrooms.

  15. Well, what's strange is that the word barbeque or bbq as most M'sians call it happen to have 3 syllables compared to barbie which has 2... which may be why I used it... I don't really know :)

  16. oi! wats with the wordly woman jokes - I'm sure there is a story waiting to be told
    Would you , like Aunty, also include recipes pls :)

  17. Uhm... okay, recipes will be up soon.

    What's with worldly woman jokes, I have no idea, except that reading it at that very moment made me laugh :D

  18. Any excuse for a party I say!


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