Tuesday, March 10, 2009

25 Random Things

Otherwise known as "I have no Life"

So, after 2 hits on Facebook and a few hours of cumulative procrastination, this is it, the 25 most random things about yours truly which I had put up on Facebook and decided to put up here as well...

1. There are a few street lights that go off or on each time I pass under them. Even more recently, I discovered a light that went out at work when I walked under it. This will be fun until it gets repaired

2. I started using glasses since the age of 7. Since then I've broken a few, lost one in a bus and even temporarily misplaced another for two weeks

3. I got my drivers license at 18, but never really drove actively until I had to at the age of 24 when I desperately needed to and got my own car because I was a bit scared of driving. Soon after that my sister gives me the nick name Evil Knievel!

4. A group of Singaporeans once asked me if I was really a Malaysian when I said that I don't eat durians!

5. Most people who have communicated with me at some point or another would definitely end up exclaiming "You're crazy!!"

6. In March of 1999, I had 8 continuous days of disaster. It started with my wallet being stolen followed by my scientific calculator (a week before finals, mind you), was helplessly 'blind' for over a day, had a disastrous C programming assignment and had to act in a play which took up so much time. I had wanted to blog about this period in my life since 2006, but never really got to it, except the wallet story, that is.

7. Growing up, I was rather tall for my age, but I slowly ended up being of average height by mid/late teens. People who saw me last back in primary school (circa 1992) express surprise when they see me now. "I thought you'd be bigger"

8. I am horribly quick tempered but also cool down as quickly. I still haven't decided if it is something I like about myself or not. I also had a lot of anger in me when I was younger. As a result a Rubic's cube barely missed my sister

9.Which reminds me that I had never got the colours right on all the sides of a Rubic's cube

10. I am insanely scared of big and deep bodies of water. I still shudder at the thought of the raging river I crossed during a recent training in the jungle

11. I have never had a pet :(

12. I cannot stand seeing people being bullied. I feel the need to protect my parents from the horrible neighbours on the left hand side and therefore assert myself to compensate my parents giving in attitude much to my mother's dismay and as a result my sister hums the tune to Gangsta's Paradise whenever she feels like it!

13. I had walked out of a moving bus once. I assure you it was not fun.

14. I can get a bit obsessive about things. The other day, I was awake until almost 2 am tweaking a template. In 2007, I spent a few hours listening to One Way Ticket to Hell and Back for a few hours repeatedly after looking for the album for a long time. And way before that I was very obsessed about the song Baba O'Reilley that it even came in a dream!

15. Growing up as an only child for almost 5 years, I created an older sister for myself, and told about 'our big sis" to my younger sister who believed every word I said.

16. Despite having good friends in school , I did hate the secondary school I went to and its totalitarian rules which I suspect contributes to my current aversion towards authority.

17. I currently find the words "He's a nice boy" to be a bit of a turn off. Why can't they say something like "He's someone you might find interesting" A point to ponder, eh?

18. I'm a tad bit worried about the perpetual tiredness I'm facing at the moment

19. Signs that I'm under tremendous stress: The area where I think my kidneys are located hurt, so does the back of the neck, and a bit of the shoulders. I keep looking for food, patience is wafer thin and I procrastinate by thinking of random facts about myself

20. Despite the things I've said above, I'm generally amicable and have a lifelong mission to make people laugh

21. Despite the insecurities and a generally almost crappy life I lead ( I don't have one, really), I still like myself most at this age (well, the person I've become, at least) Please note that I may say something to contradict this in the future

22. At the age of 6, I fell down and hurt my head badly. There was a lot of blood that dripped onto my t-shirt which was one of my favourite t-shirts back then, and the place where I received the stitch still has a bump (and possibly a scar, but since my head is full of hair and I can't seem the back of my head, I can't really say)

23. My love for the environment began in 1992 when I sat by the window of a different school and wrote an essay titled Why I love trees. I won first prize. That also made me think that I can write, something which I really want to do.

24. I am what people in Malaysia would refer to as a coconut. I can't really speak my native tongue fluently because I have to translate my thoughts from English, find the proper word from my (very) limited vocabulary and then fit all the words in the sentence structure. And even after all that trouble, people say it sounds weird. Tough stuff.

25. My mind refuses to stay still. It is always thinking of something and never leaves me in peace. Worse is when more than 1 thought fights for attention, and I get all muddled up and confused. Sometimes, I think my body works independently without me.


  1. This was fun to read. You ARE crazy, but it's a good kind of crazy. Thanks for sharing so much about yourself!

  2. This was fun to read. You ARE crazy, but it's a good kind of crazy. Thanks for sharing so much about yourself!

  3. #5, 13, 14, 25 in common with you. I care for the environment too. In fact I'm a total tree-hugger.

  4. Are you serious about 1? And why would you do 13? You're definitely worthy of 5.

    Seriously crazy post, very like you... he he

  5. That was quite an entertaining list. My sister atches you on #7, whereas I grew incredibly slowly. I'm now taller than she is.

  6. What an awesome list. At first I thought, 25?! Really?! but then I lol'd.

    You should do random posts on the regular. You have a good sense of humour :)

  7. Ian: LOL! The more I read it, the more convinced I am that there is a little craziness. I'm glad you thought it was a fun read :)

    Julia: That's cool... would love to know what happened in #13!

    Rakesh: Yes I am... but I can't seem to explain why that happens. As for #13, I didn't realise that the bus was still moving, albeit slowly (most probably day dreaming, as usual)

    Citizen: Thanks... I don't know why this is, but younger sisters always end up taller than the older ones. Of course I'm assuming that you're the younger sister ;)

    Orhan: LOL! Thank you... Yeah, 25 is quite a big number! Thank goodness for procrastination... Randomness is fun too! :)

  8. ah yes I did a spoof on this 25 thingy thing on my blog too. I blv i just ended up grossing out a lot of ppl

    girl - my policy in life has been: if you feel sick, weak, woozy whatever: SEE A DOC. you might be anaemic, or you might be suffering from the initial stages of renal failure - either ways - get yourself checked!!

  9. I actually did complete the Rubic's cube, but not before I had to take it all apart and cheat by assembling it back again ... LOL!

  10. you are not the only one. "He is a nice boy" is a definite turn off point for me as well.

  11. 1. I love that thing with the lights. I used to find the best thing (the only thing) about being first in the office where I used to work was having the lights all come on as I walked down the office - a star has arrived!
    2. I was given glasses when I was 11 but didn't really start wearing them until I was about 18 - which meant lots of losing them. I was convinced they were under my bed for about 6 months when I'd actually left them in another part of the country where I had been on holidays!
    8. I remember my brother and I deconstructed a rubic cube... we never did work out how to put it back together
    15 older siblings can be so evil sometimes!

    oh and I love trees too!

  12. TQ: A spoof? Haha... will check it out. Err... and now you've got me worried about the possible illnesses that may suddenly appear at my doorstep! ;)

    Nick: Oh yeah, I forgot that you can do that disassembling thing...

    Tazeen: I bet it is... and possibly many other people out there too!

    Aunty: 1. And you can walk as though you're on a red carpet, grand! 2. Looks like your glasses thought it was greener on the other side. 15. Yes, that's quite true... ;)

  13. #18 I had that for a bit too then I figured out it was cos I wasn't eating :P

    #24 I never knew hindi properly till I got to high school, my hindi's still awful but i can manage spoken hindi, not the literary stuff

    #25 Eh? what, hmm yeah, I forget what I was thinking, probably tremendously interesting. Aah too bad

  14. That was a funread......
    #9,,,I too never get it uniformly...nope not even 1 side..there will always be a teeny piece sticking out like a sore thumb.
    Even I find the word nice too pansy...if u knw wht I mean...sort of playing safe kinda word:-/....worse is when i find myself using it:-P
    On the whole nice read...ooops meant to say interesting:-D

  15. Exactly... sort of playing it safe describes the word "nice" perfectly!


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