Sunday, June 04, 2006

X- (WO) MEN and the flu battle

Excuse the title, but the feminist part of me seems to have taken over... Just a phase, I hope. Nevertheless, it must be admitted that there are women in the mutant colony too, and therefore the title is applicable in this space and time. (Enough of justifications, already!!!)

I don't know if it is a strange coincidence or merely my humble observations, but it has been a pattern these past two years where all the nice movies (which I want to watch, anyway) are shown in November/December and May/April. This has caused several problems which I do not wish to delve into except for that the last movie I watched was around six months ago! However, one thing that happened this time around is I missed one movie for good, another is dangling by a thin thread before it's booted out of the nearest cinema, and the third, I happily (albeit desperately) watched yesterday.

Excellent movie! Every minute could keep you open mouthed in anticipation for the next thing, and everything was placed so well, that the continuity of the story was as smooth as a placid river running it's course on a lowland without any obstruction on it's way. (this also most probably had got to do with the scissors that weren't carelessly used to snip parts of the movie that you could expect the usually incompetent censorship board to blatantly cut off. For this, I thank you, censorship board... you made my day).

The characters were all cool and although I have never read the comics before, I felt as though I knew them for ages. The effects and the fight scenes were fabulous... Well, everything was just great, and I enjoyed every bit of it. Excellent!!! (Said in the Bill and Ted style)
To think that the flu that creeped in on me cruelly on Saturday morning sort of disappeared during the course of the movie is just wonderful, though now (Sunday night - back to work tomorrow (groan!)) I feel it creeping back.

Well, now I can't wait for the spin-off's I heard that are in the making!


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