Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Little blue child

Just the other day, I read this weird article about keeping a notepad by your bedside to list the details of your drems (for what reason, i'm not really sure as the article was left unfinished ;)

Anyway, while I was sleeping on Sunday I had a dream...as normal as it may seem, I have my doubts, because if I take the last 3 dreams I had back to back, and did a summary, I can conclude that all 3 dreams involves ghosts of somekind (1. Bippi and her army of knife throwers, 2. Grandpa (sad to say, he might be a ghost :( ) and 3. This unnamed little child ghost that haunted Sunday's dream)

The little child ghost was blue in colour (no, i have not watched the korean ghost movies with te little blue boy, nor the grudge which featured the little blue boy , and vastu shastra [the hindi version] was on tv so long ago that it does not give me the creeps anymore plus the boy was not blue and did not look the least bit scary). Apparently, in my dream I was a 'ghost buster' like person, and the kid was in my house (does not look like it though)

The only way to get it out of the house is to go near it at around 12 pm, when it turns in it's sleeping position, I'm supposed to do something to it so that it will stop the haunting. Anyway, throughout the dream, I failed many times, as it opens it's eyes, screams so loud that the banshees would run away and tries to kill me instead. Obviously since it's my dream, I don't die...

Finally like after the 100th attempt or so, I finally get to do what I should do to stop the haunting, the child turns to normal skin colour and sleeps... and I awake.

I wonder if this means I should get back to writing scary stories...


  1. ... or you should start exorcising your own demons ...



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