Saturday, June 10, 2006

Looking for trouble: a new language

It was a pledge by 20 odd students. No skipping classes, no dropping the subject. Full commitment required. Not too bad a deal if you look at it logically... But all logic begins to crumble to dust.

There was a unanimous decision to get rid of the self absorbed, arrogant snob whom they had not much of a choice but to face for four hours weekly. Get themselves called stupid, and having to listen to how great he is at golf, or how his students at a local university score the best scores in the external exams. Have him stand by their sides during tests, reading their answers as they write, and giving sudden announcements as to answer so and so of person so and so is wrong... please correct it, followed by an elaborate attempt to help the poor unfortunate soul who had most probably lost everything they had crammed into their heads the previous day.

There were promises that things were bound to be better. So, armed with thoughts that the silver lining from the dark and stormy clouds were getting brighter and stronger they preservered and pledged allegience to the 3 requests.

Alas, things were not as rosy as they imagined. Learning a new language even with a teacher whom everyone liked and who could really teach was a painful process, and for reasons that cannot be comprehended, the class was running at breakneck speed.. no, make that supersonic speed. The lost ones, got even more lost, minds numb from differentiating adjectives, verbs, and tenses. The better ones, hung on, albeit getting worried that they would soon be in grave danger of not understanding anything that is going on.

But they stayed on, regardles... the reason?
This was said in BM so that the teacher would not understand it (she's foreign, by the way)... "Kalau cikgunya tak cun, mesti dah lama berhenti"

The whole class laughed at this statement... and the poor teacher laughed too, not realising that she was part of the joke.

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