Thursday, June 22, 2006

The rain - a poem

Do you like the rain
Drops of water fall into the drain
When it drizzles,
When it drizzles.

Clouds darken in the sky
Lightning flashes eerily
Buckets of rain come pouring,
And icy cold wind it brings

Day looks like night
Cats get into a fight
The raindrops keep falling
And the frogs go on croaking!

Drains get flooded
People walking, hooded
Rain falling like sheets of glass
On window sills made of brass

The rain slows down a bit
Lightning, nothing was hit
The sun peeks from behind
Oh, how kind!

A rainbow seen against the sky
The winds no more icy
The rain has stopped for a while
People begin to smile.


  1. Nice bit of poetry there. I used to write poems too, haven't been for quite some time now, though - you can check it out at my PurpleSky website. But be forewarned, they're very, very dark indeed! :-)

  2. Thanks pugly, will check out the link soon...

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