Sunday, June 11, 2006

Bali- the continuation

A short hiatus on the Bali trip. I figured that if i wrote about everything nearest after the trip, then I'd end up losing the fun I had as quickly as the four days that whizzed by. But then again, too long a break might result in the 3rd and 4th day not being documented, and knowing me that is quite likely to happen, so here I am...

DINNER & DANCE (not necessarily in that order)

After a long and arduous journey by a sailboat across the ocean, our journey back was much better thanks to the crew who managed to get us a quicker, painless ride back to firm solid ground. It was so comfortable that some of us managed to sneak in a nap in that time frame.

Back on land, we were met by our guide to get to the Uluwatu temple to watch the famous Kecak dance performed in the sunset... (cloudy skies denied us this). Our guide had a long umbrella, (to be used as a weapon!) and requested us to remove earrings, glasses, scrunchies, bracelets, as well as anything shiny and removable... for there were monkeys there, many of them, who were interested in human stuff, plus they also knew the'value' of the stuff, practiced the barter system (after grabbing it from you) and a pathetic banana would not be sufficient to get back your glasses if the monkey took them away from you.

So there we were, 3 short sighted, tired people, trudging across the grounds, not being able to enjoy the scenery for once... Lucky for us (is there such a thing as luck?) the dance area had no real monkeys, just humans dressed up as 'em. The dance was unique... you couldn't feel the whole hour passing... it was as though it was just a few minutes. A piece of fiery material went flying at some point and almost hit one of the kiasu tourists who had ventured too close.

Later on it was dinner at Jimbaran. Seafood! Though not too much of a fan of our sea friends, (speaking only for myself, here) it was a thoroughly enjoyable meal. Had another one of my 'firsts' here. The sound of the ocean and waves crashing on the beach brought me back to the time when I was a kid in PD. Then there were this bunch of guys, going around singing stuff at the tables... songs that were most probably famous when our parents were in their early or late twenties. Yikes!

This was our final night for the trip. Packed that night, and slept off, half anticipating, half regretting the next day.


  1. Wow ... Bali sounds like a dream ... hope to reach there someday ...

  2. The someday will arrive, sooner or later... :)

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