Friday, June 09, 2006

Pictorial Dillema

Allow me to share this story…

Once upon a time, there was this girl who had an extremely limited number of digitali photographs… take one hand and count the fingers on it… the number of photos she had was approximately that…

Anyway, this same girl also had a friendster account and she put up some of the photos there, one of it though always remained there…. Until February of this year that is.

Unlike kids still at school, this girl did not have much opportunity to go around exploring the features of friendster which kind of happened to increase with each passing month. Busy working... ahem. One of these features, known as photo grabbing caused her immense trauma.

This is what happened: It was another normal day in February, and she was checking her mail in friendster in the comfort of her home… when she noticed that she had received a “smile’ from someone. As she proceeded to check it out, she noticed that the person who sent her the smile apparently shared the name of someone she knew… in the ever expanding world of friendster, she duly assumed that it was her friend who sent her the smile. As she was looking through the person’s profile, looking for evidence that she knew the person, she stopped at something that looked pretty familiar… looking closely, she noticed that this person (who by the way was not who she thought it was) had ‘grabbed’ her photo and (horror of horrors!) had put it in his profile! Why? Why? Why?

Horrified, panicked and angry and experiencing a whole array of other emotions and instead of ‘reporting the user’, she had deleted her precious few photos and closed her profile to the public. It took her approximately a month to overcome the trauma, and after disabling the photo grabbing feature, she felt that it was time to allow photos to be put up again, (she cannot bear the grey figure!) and open her profile once again....

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