Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The thing with Insomnia is....

You try to get some sleep, because you need to. And there's something telling you that it's time to sleep. You end up sleeping effortlessly when you're reading on the floor, or watching tv, but as soon as you decide to go to the one place where you're supposed to sleep, your eyes are wide open and all the sleepiness has disappeared.

You hang on, turning to find the most comfortable position (eyes still wide open) and then you think: "I must sleep, please... I've got a long day ahead tomorrow." Then you close your eyes, beckoning the sleepy feeling. Not a moment too soon, your head fills up with ideas for a new story, or something that at the back of your mind you knew should have been done a long time ago (but since it was at the back of your mind you never gave it much priority, until this moment when you're trying to sleep).

Then since your brain is already active, it keeps thinking about more and more stuff, like who should have won in the previous episode of the amazing race, or worse, whom would you choose to be your teammate(s) if you were to take part (yeah, right). Or, you would end up thinking of a song and it would keep playing in your head and not let you sleep.

Somehow, sooner or later you do end up sleeping, but then your hand is placed at an uncomfortable position under you, so the body decides to fight back, and you end up dreaming that your hand is getting hurt through a series of events including being mercilessly pulled away from you. Of course you get up in horror, with your hand really hurting because of the position it was in, and it's all in pins and needles.

You're a bit dazed, and then you check the clock... it's about half an hour before you have to wake up (sigh). So you just laze around hoping that the alarm never rings. Inevitably it does.

originally posted on October 14:


  1. Yep, we've all been through that before! :-) It usually happens when I'm stressed, or when I'm really not looking forward to cming in to work the next day. So when that happens, I will take it as my body's way of telling me: "For goodness' sake, get a new job already!"

  2. Nice of you to visit :)

    Yeah, I know what you mean... too bad we can't all just follow what our body tells us to each time.


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