Monday, September 07, 2009

The Superhero and Some Feel Good Animation

For some reason, some types of news keep popping up everywhere that you just can't ignore it although deep down inside you know that it probably will not have any effect on your life as you know it. This time around, the news is about Disney buying over Marvel. Yes, undoubtedly the news is shocking, and sounds terribly preposterous the first time you hear it. But hey, lets face it, buying over happens, changes occur and within a few months, we will not even remember that a certain thing/place was bought over or not.

Now, I'm not so much against the fact that Disney is buying over Marvel, and I shall admit that it is probably a biased viewpoint on my part because I was never one of those kids who saved her pocket money every week to buy the latest edition of superhero comics from the local newstand, but what puzzles me completely is the reaction I happen to see over the news. It seems like the fans of Marvel Comics have developed this insanely wild imagination that Disney will Disney-fy their favourite Superheroes. Take today's newspaper for instance... the story was accompanied by a picture of Ariel (from the Little Mermaid) sitting very comfortably on the arms of Silversurfer. What the hell?


  1. I read about this and I'm not really sure how I feel about it. I guess that makes me indifferent.

  2. I don't care one way or the other about it - I am not a comic book fan nor a Disney fan. But I suspect the people who do care about Marvel comics are over-reacting.

  3. whilst I never really read the comics (too busy being a young heart throb of course) I can see the problem that the marvel fans would have - if you think about it, disney is one of those companies that has an extremely unique and powerful way of marketing their products - think of that hannah montana (based that one on my life) or the jonas brothers (loosely based on my life)

    you just know that the marvel characters are going to be marketed completely differently, I just don't know enough about it to really make an educated guess on what this will do to marvel but if i'd grown up with fond memories of marvel characters every week for years, and I knew there was a chance of all that being polluted by a new culture

    i'd be more pissed off than something very pissed off

  4. I'm one of those kids that saved his pocket money to buy superhero comics especially from Marvel. In fact I still have a whole bookshelf of my comics till this very day and I do feel a little strongly about this but I'll just wait and see what heppens ...

  5. Travis: Neither do I actually... I'm just very surprised at the reaction among the fans.

    SAW: I suspect the same as well...

    iwantonesobadly: (Shudders at the thought of Hannah Montana and Jonas Brothers) You might have a point bringing those two cases up, but they are Disney's product. I beleive even if Disney did buy over Marvel, the creative processes that define the comics will not be compromised. They can't be that dumb, right?

    Nick: Yeah, I suppose that is something we all can do...

  6. One day the porn industry might actualy buy over Disney!!!!

  7. Hahaha... I will definitely remember this comment of yours when it happens ;)

  8. People aren't concerned that Disney will Disney-fy comic book heroes. Disney had no interest in Marvel until the various Marvel franchises started churning out the big bucks. Disney got to be Disney by not being stupid. Their concern is that Disney will turn Marvel Comics into a puppy mill of shitty movies.
    For those who know of Stan Lee, and Jack Kirby, and their stories, Marvel and its inception were about more than money. It was a labor of love since the two of them toiled in anonymity for many years. To have the culmination of dozens of carefully cultivated work, turned into Disney garbage is upsetting to some fans. Myself included.

    This is not the first time this has happened. Disney bought the rights to Winnie the Pooh decades ago and they are still pimping the hell out of that franchise. Not to mention the current incarnation of Pooh looks nothing like the original.

    My personal gripe with Disney is their wreckless distortion of various cultures and their overall contribution to the ignorance of young watchers. Nearly every film portraying ethnic characters contained some improperly attributed characteristic from a completely different culture.

    I'll be selling the high ticket items from my collection. You can expect rare comic values to drop once this merger is complete.

  9. ah i hate this. i'm one of the marvel's fan. this combination sucks to the max :(

    i always think disney is for sissy and marvel for people like me :P

    i know how idiotic minded i got. but it couldn't be helped. why disney? :(

  10. Cyberfish: Oh, wow... thanks for the enlightening comment. I think I can somehow understand now why everyone seems to make a big deal out of this issue.

    Faisal: Gosh, I don't know... I can't even really recall what I grew up with, but I think it's neither.

  11. I think you missed my point, and I think cyberfish picked up on it

    creative process and how something is marketed as a product are completely different, like cyberfish said, winnie the pooh is an excelent example - think of how thry switch that up and have pooh solving osme mysteries or some shit

    i've got some of the original books from when I was (a) very little boy (read: heart throb) and there was something amazing aobut the immersive world they created, a lot of it is me romanticising my childhood but I think thats what i'm getting at - people who grew up with marvel, for whatever reasons will be incredibly annoyed to see their memories be ripped apart

  12. I'm sorry about not getting your point. I am also not familiar enough with either Disney or Marvel to make any guesses... but I found cyberfish's comment very enlightening indeed.


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