Thursday, September 17, 2009

Introducing Granny Shield

No, we're not talking about your super-heroesque blogger friend's grandmother. I'm sure at her current age, she'll prefer to be left to her own devices - which usually consists of cooking scrumptious food or having long conversations with her children and/or grandchildren.

See, the thing is, I had spent the past few days doing what I can only presume to be what old(er) people do, that is going to sleep early. My parents for instance, both nearing their late fifties have the tendency to sleep by 10 or 11 pm and also tend to wake up at unearthly hours to do strange things like to mop the house. As for me, by early I mean I end up getting knocked off by 10 pm and end up having a deep, sound and undisturbed slumber which should leave me feeling refreshed by the time I need to get up at 6:30 am, but that is hardly the case. All I want is to just curl up like a snail and sleep even more. Probably the weather we've been having isn't helping much either.

I know that the last thing I should be doing is to complain about my need to sleep as I am usually a sufferer of some sort of self diagnosed insomnia. Evidence to this can be witnessed under the tag 'insomnia' at the sidebar under "Categories' if anyone's interested. In fact, I think I should just keep quiet and take this need to sleep as what I'd usually refer to as 'bayar hutang tidur' (paying back the loss of sleep) and start worrying only if it extends beyond this week...


  1. Maybe your body just needs to cathc up on sleep right now?

  2. you need enough sleep and good rest terra. do you know that lack of sleep is a killer to your age which it will make your life shorter. i don't think you want that, don't you?

    p/s: the advise apply to me as well as i have too much things to get done and end up i sleep around 1am!

  3. Good God, I think I have older people syndrome. I sleep early and wake up early doing silly things like mopping and sweeping the floor!

    *smacks head*


  4. SAW: That could be it...

    Faisal: LOL... I don't mind a shorter life, you know..

    Nick: LOL! I had no idea.... ;)

  5. Take it as it comes! Aging is certainly a factor, those days, I can knock out easily and sleep like a log all the way. These days, even turning during sleep, I tend to wake up.


  6. I have the syndrome too....and i LOVE it!!!!!!! :p

  7. You know my sleep has been really out of whack for quite sometime. I have been fighting mightily to correct it. I can not sleep at night. Only in the day. I have no fangs so I'm not a vampire. What gives!?!?

  8. You know Terra ...sometimes I have that same trouble too. It could also be due to stress and unknown anxiety :) .

  9. Gallivanter: Yeah, I do appreciate that I can suddenly sleep soundly again... but I do too many things I'd like to do

    Sabrina: Well, at least one of us does :)

    Ricardo: Wrong time zone perhaps? I actually face the same problem... I am terribly sleepy from 11 am to about 5 pm

    Unicorn Girl: Unknown anxiety sounds possible... I don't really fancy the word stress :)

  10. I could move into your house and punch you out every night so that you sleep? You know it makes sense :)

  11. LOL....ummm maybe u havent considered this...that...

    ...[Old] age maybe catching up with u;-D

  12. Orhan: Punch me so that I don't sleep. I need to get more out of my days!

    Reflections: Oh no... I'm related to Peter Pan ;)


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