Sunday, September 20, 2009

So, Like Who's Using all the Bandwith?

As we speak, a video slightly less than 5 minutes long has taken a mind boggling 10 minutes to buffer up to somewhere a little more than 1 minute of the video. What's really odd is that my connection boasts a whopping 7.3 Mbps, one of the best local speeds, presumably, and also one of the more costly ones, (Bloody one year contracts!!) and now it even seems so much more slower than my dial up connection of 56kbps which I had used faithfully until somewhere in 2006.

Of course today it is being slightly slower than usual, which is equally as odd because I happen to be using it while the rest of Malaysia is either probably dreaming about eating delicious food  tomorrow at the various open houses (in conjuction with Eid), or are probably at some happening club somewhere or travelling to their hometowns, etc. In fact, my Yahoo! Messenger list justifies that as there happens to be only 1 person online now on my list of 38 people and she lives far away in the heart of the United States of America. Well, the latest development shows that a fellow Malaysian happens to be online but that is besides the point.

So, it is now exactly 1 hour later, and it seems that the almost 5 minute clip has finally fully buffered.

PS: Eid Mubarak to all Muslim bloggers out there


  1. You and your internets problems. Seriously, it is like you're married to an abusive husband who beats you up VERY slowly.

    I recall when we changed our internets plan sometime last year and we downloaded our monthly bandwidth in only a couple of days and we were slowed down to HALF of dial up speeds. Such insanity. Suffice to say we changed our plan back the next day.

    Happy terrorist day to you too!

  2. Maybe it's something wrong with the video? Sometimes I run into that problem on youtube.

  3. That happens to me at times too and I know for a fact that only me and wifey uses the internet at the same time so I put it down to the lousy service from P1 these days!

    As for my office bandwidth I know the culprit and its me downloading gigabytes of Star Trek audio books ... LOL!

    Happy holidays.

  4. Yikes. I never have speed problems, but our internet just boots of off periodically.

  5. Orhan: Yes, the original plan is always the best. If it weren't for some rash decisions made early this year/late last year, I'd be back to using my original plan too in a jiffy!

    Travis: I checked... all videos exhibited similar tendencies that night. But sometimes the problem lies with the video itself

    Nick: P1 lousy service? I'm shocked! LOL at slowing down the office bandwith with star trek audio books. Ours just disallows downloading :(

    SAW: This ISP used to boot off as well, but the frequency has reduced these days...

  6. If you are using wireless make sure your connection is encrypted. Wardrivers and neighbors are notorious leeches. If not, bear in mind that your own bandwidth is splitting the difference with the host. That website may be on a highpop, non-dedicated server. You can usually test this by trying to view other movies.

  7. I wonder this myself as I am supposed to allegedly have 16.0 MPS and it's a big fat lie! Sometimes it slows to a crawl and does this buffering nonsense also while watching videos.

  8. Cyberfish: I'll need to check that out... but one thing I know, another video from that same site worked pretty well...

    Ricardo: A friend told me the speed stated by the providers is usually the max speed it can go up to. Of course what we really get is the ones we suffer with :(


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