Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Noisy Silence

It was a little after 7pm when I noticed that the office had become awfully quite, where mere minutes had passed since Jeremy walked out of the office door. In the silence that followed, the light on the walkie-talkie that was standing still at the corner of my table flashed red and a sound popped out. I started, knowing very well that there was no one else around.. so who had made the sound? I was pretty sure it wasn't any of the guys at work because the sound was rather soft, and high pitched at the same time, and as far as I knew they had all gone back to break fast for Ramadan with their respective families. This I ascertained when I saw the almost deserted carpark (and working where I do, I know which car belongs to whom, and none of the cars left were walkie-talkie owners) And it couldn't have been static either... that has a different sound. I was too unnerved to stay on further, all plans to work late flung out of the window. I knew it would only be moments before stuff would be moving noisily across the floor of the utility room right above the office, and I sure as hell did not want to be there when that happened.


  1. Yikes.

    I will always remember what my mum said when it comes to matters of the supernatural kind: If it doesn't feel right, then it most probably isn't. There's only one thing to do - run!

  2. LOL... just what I did. The office is a lonely place indeed. Nice to see you around here :)

  3. See, I'd have assumed it was an actual person up to no good. Same result, though - I'd high tail it out of there.

  4. Uhm...do I want to know what it was making the noise?

  5. i never believe in ghost to be frank but i know there is spirit hanging around in our world.

    are you the only non-muslim in the office? :D

    since you said others went back for fast-breaking with beloved family :)

  6. SAW: An actual person up to no good is much better than a non-actual person, I suppose :)

    Travis: No, and neither do I...

    Faisal: I don't know what these are, really... but there have been scary stories. Yeah, I am the only non-Muslim in the office... and there's Jeremy too, but he's on the other side blocked by a wall...

  7. I would have done the same thing you did. Run like crazy ... LOL!

  8. So the paranormal has invaded the office?


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