Thursday, September 03, 2009

Flick Of The Wrist

It's a wee bit past midnight and sleep seems a little hard to come by as the mind races through thoughts like those 4 x 400 metres relay racers passing the baton as they finish their turn. So here I am, trying to dispel those thoughts through the safest medium I know, blogging... Unfortunately, as much as I'd like to, putting those thoughts to words and sentences that make sense seem to be getting tougher for no apparent reason, although when I was attempting to sleep awhile ago, they seemed so eloquently put that I was forced to get up and put them here.

After three attempts at putting those thoughts and stuff to words (which involved typing, reading, re-reading and deleting), I sit here, slightly pissed off and with nothing to make into a post I would gladly post. Maybe I'm just losing my blogging mojo. Sigh...

I have now given up and so please excuse me while I go and listen to some happy songs...

Note: Title of the post is also the title of a song by Queen - no connection with anything whatsoever.


  1. Just so we are clear, I opened the blogger post page and wrote the first paragraph at 12: 25 am. The post was 'completed' at 1:40 am.

  2. Goodness. I hope whatever it was you got it sorted out in your mind.

  3. Well, for someone who seemed to have problems putting thots to words, you seem to do quite well :D

    Hope whatever it is that's trubling you gets sorted out soon.

  4. You've got bloggers block. Ride it out. The words will come to you in good time. Hope all turns out well.

  5. Go to sleep before I kill you.


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