Monday, September 28, 2009

Booting the Boot-cut

Of all the fashion fads of the past that came tumbling into the current era (about 10 years ago till now), nothing was embraced with more love from me than the boot cut jeans and pants. Besides giving the illusion of longer gems, the boot cut balanced certain proportion issues faced by certain women. It was loved by everyone, except perhaps some of the young people of the 70's who remembered the bell bottomed pants from their past with a certain degree of horror as it came in psychedelic colours.

For reasons that will be explained in a few days time, I went shopping yesterday. A dreary chore if I may say so myself. It took me about 5 hours to get a few necessary things after scouring practically every other tenant in the mall. Among the stuff I was looking for was a new pair of Levi's seeing that my current pair seems to be hanging at an awkward angle on my hip bone due to all the stretching after almost 3 years of usage and washing. It is still a nice pair, but a new pair wouldn't be too bad either.

So, I enter Levi's and head straight to the women's section to browse for a pair that was attractive enough (for me it should be: dark coloured, and either straight or boot cut) Unfortunately for me, there were no really straight, straight jeans... they came in the scary option of slim straight. Finally I found one boot cut pair hanging quietly among the slims, skinnys and whatnots. I tried it on, but needed a different size, which they did not have. To be honest, I wasn't surprised at all... A lot of items were either too big or too small. The mediums had probably gone on a shopping frenzy these last few days and grabbed everything off the shelves. Sigh.

However, what worries me the most is the fact that among the varieties they had displayed there (there could have been easily 40, but I'm not sure if there were any repetitions or not) there was only one boot cut design. Is it running out of fashion only to be brought back in another 30 years? (Gosh, I will be about 60 then, and if all plans work out, will probably be not alive) That will indeed be a nightmare. I can just imagine myself being the only boot cut wearer in 2016 ( using my very last pair from 2009, no less) and having younger people secretly laughing at me!


  1. I love boot cuts too, to complement my boots of course. Ever since I met the love of my life, my boots went a walking. :-P

  2. I guess this is one of the signs of ageing. First, you aren't aware that your fav. pair of clothing is out of fashion; and Second, you dread that you'll miss it :P

  3. Gallivanter: Boots are lovely, but a bit too much for our weather. Plus female boots practically kill the feet toe by toe. But yeah, boot cut rocks!

    Rakesh: Hmmm... so you're implying that I'm aging? Nevertheless, good stuff should remain. And I stand by that!

  4. U should opt for a different brand - like GAP for a change ....... :)

  5. You don't show yourself off enough!

  6. I remember bell-bottoms with some fondness and I like boot cut jeans now. And Levis are all I'll wear. Fortunately I found an on-line source for boot cut hip huggers (which are cut a wee bit higher in back than in front) in my size. I was thrilled.

  7. Unicorn Girl: We'll see...

    Orhan: Huh? What do you mean?

    SAW: Why didn't I think of online shopping... ;)


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