Monday, October 13, 2008

When Nothing Else Works

Stupid blogger's block
You are nothing but a pain
And a great big joke

There's nothing like a haiku to save the day, and then there's only this... (although there is no connection, whatsoever)


  1. Owing to the fact that I'm half Japanese besides being an avid lover of literature and poetry. I have a healthy respect for a good haiku. Kudos to you for writing about your inability to write. =P

    As far as my most recent post.. well.. all I can say is that a free society leaves itself open to abuse if the electorate is unwary and uneducated. That point will be true irregardless of which country it is applied to..

    I'm just starting on a new post, so I hope you find time to read it.. I know I can make for a bit of a long, dry read. -_-' In any event, best regards till next time!

  2. LOL! yes, when ideas are scarce, I turn to poetry although the type I write is usually quite unconventional :)

  3. I got bloggers block a year ago; have just writing whatever comes to mind ever since. Just when I think what I've written is complete crap everybody has a well formed opinion about it. I guess it is easy that I write the way I speak; ramble that makes sense.

  4. Oh yeah, that's what I like about your blog... it's like having someone speak their thoughts... As for the blogger's block, I face it all the time, possibly because nothing interesting happens that much.


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