Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Terra Turns Pink

She can't say why. Her sister thinks it's so unlike her. And after about an hour and a half of copying, saving and deleting and republishing, she still asks herself why. Pink is good, she thinks, and the yellow/orange/white combo has served her well. Maybe for a tad bit too long, she thinks. Besides, we can't live without shoes, and ahem! nice legs...

Her only regret is she can't change the font to Arial unless she goes back to each and every post (about 298 or so) and republish them one by one. Not a very appealing idea she thinks. She's a bit crazy but not that crazy. And then there's the time factor as well. Hehehe... And then there's the issue of not having the dashboard at her disposal... Nevertheless it's not such a big problem, she says to herself... Nothing she can't solve, anyway.

A bit of tweaking needs to be done, she admits, and if she doesn't like it in a few days/weeks/months/years (ha! ha!), she can always revert to the old one. She remembered to save it in case this one became a failure.

The template loads just fine on her laptop. She's not sure how it will look elsewhere. So, to all those who drop by here, do tell her what you think. Thanks :)


  1. jebus! I got a bit of a fright there, but I like it!

  2. wo-oah, very nice... really.
    and not just the legs. Very retro looks like one of those ads you'd see in 20 year old readers digests, super!
    Me guessing you maaay be able to fiddle with the font using a little CSS code in the template. But I've forgotten the script. The last time I used CSS was when I wrote the script for my blog. It's been untouched ever since. Maybe it's time for a makeover whaddya think?

  3. Oooh, nice shade of pink, Terra. It looks fine from where I am; I'm using Firefox now, resolution is 1280x1024 pixels.

    Opened your site in IE7 and Opera, and everything looks just dandy.

    I like the font too.

  4. Very nice! It must be a phase every girl/woman goes through.

  5. Hope you're feeling better.. Food poisoning is never fun. =(

    As for the new layout, I've always been fond of pink.. except when it's on me! There is a small percentage of men on which pink looks good.. unfortunately I am not among them. =P So I think that is my convoluted way of saying that I do like the new layout! haha..

    Now to respond to your comment on my post.. (btw.. that was just supposed to be a draft, i didn't mean to publish!! -_-') I, like you hesitate to comment too much about a country's economic system that i know next to nothing about.. That being said, in a somewhat general statement, I'd much rather live in a society that gives me the chance to succeed or fail of my own accord, than be on the government dole and have to be satisfied with mediocrity.

    So again, I would say that freedom becomes the difference in the prosperity of nations. I know many people that come from Burma and Vietnam that were low class in their home country but after being in the US for just a few years have enjoyed the kind of success they could never have achieved at home. I might not have answered your question fully, but to try to be succinct, democracy is not the answer by virtue of itself. Only when it is paired with a government that protects freedom, and promotes opportunity. This is an interesting article that you might want to read if you get the chance..

    Sorry for the long comment.. but I do like conversation, and I get a bit carried away sometimes. Feel free to ask questions and i'll do the best i can to answer.. but beware the long response! =P

  6. I think it looks great!

    And you can change fonts without having to change them in the actual post but it would require you knowing a little about HTML coding.

    Tell you what, go to EDIT LAYOUT > EDIT HTML and copy & paste the code into a notepad and email it to me and I will make the font change for you.

    Truth be told though, I like the font the template is using.

    Change is never easy but is inevitable.

  7. Thank you for the feedback, peeps. Looks like pink is in!

    aunty: I know... shocking, isn't it? Lol!

    kartik: Retro rocks, and sure... makeovers are good. I don't know CSS but maybe it's something I need to learn

    lizza: That's good to know... you're a doll. For me, it looks better on a desktop than on my laptop.

    anita: hehehe... yeah, that could be it :) It was attraction at first glance!

    mike: yeah, I am better now, thanks. And it's true about not everyone being able to carry off pink. Especially hot pink.

    orhan: Actually, both you and Lizza have a point.... This font goes well with the template, and come to think of it, Arial is so 'report writing-ish' But thanks for the offer of helping out with the font change nevertheless :)

  8. I like the pink. It's not Pepto pink, so that's a good thing.

  9. Pink in moderation should be alright... I guess I just needed some change :)


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