Tuesday, October 07, 2008


People say the third time's a charm, but I'm fervently crossing my fingers and hoping that the second time can be a charm as well, because I don't know if I could attempt it the third time (not that I'm giving up so easily even before the attempt, but just because you never know what may happen)

So, I've gone and signed up to torture myself for 1 whole month with the yearly writing frenzy that is best known as NaNoWriMo after not doing so last year because I knew beforehand that I was to be away for about a week in November, unlike the previous year where I went on with it despite having a major exam, but gave up somewhere in the final week of November when I realised that I had to pass the exam by hook or by crook. That sucked big time, and till today that old story still remains at 34,000+ words and unfinished.

Enough with the old stuff... So far, I don't see anything impeding my progress in getting those 50,000 words this year besides myself, sudden bouts of laziness that may occur, writer's block, limited vocabulary and the fact that I haven't the slightest clue what the story is going to be about! I still have 3 weeks to come up with something, though. However, I'm going to go with the flow, plunge the fork in the cake and write like there's no next month. (there really isn't)


  1. You know what?

    You have just inspired me to get off my ass and start writing :)

  2. Yeah, you should... just for kicks, and while you're at it, you might think of joining the NaNo crowd as well :)

  3. Yay! Hook up with me as a nano buddy. I'm EDog on there. :)

  4. I signed up too. And now I'm having second thoughts because of my class and because I'll be away for Thanksgiving week.

    Yikes! But I do have a pretty strong and simple idea, supported by an outline of the first 8 chapters. So maybe it'll be ok.

    I tell myself that I'm going to do my best, and if I'm not able to keep it up then it's ok. This is my first try and maybe things will go well.

  5. ian: I sure will! :)

    travis: I guess in the end what counts is the effort we put in. Anyway, since this is your first time, you do have the advantage of 'beginners luck' :)

    orhan: Thanks :)

  6. 34,000 words? honest, damn that's a lot man, i've never managed more than 10,000 without completely losing my train of thought. Best of luck, i'm staying tuned.

  7. I'm really tempted... because I've had this idea for a novel for ages... I even wrote the first chapter about 4 years ago (which I see according to the rules I should scrap)... the plot was written on a piece of paper I lost and have no hope of finding since I've moved twice since.

    However I have to write my ass off everyday on my thesis this year in order to try and finish before I die of old age, and so possibly NaNo would be a tool for my own self-destructive procrastination.

    I should bow out for another year... hmmm

  8. kartik: Lol! Honestly, my train of thought went haywire at that point. Nevertheless, I'll just give it a shot. Even if it doesn't work out, at least I can comfort myself with the thought that "at least I tried"

    aunty: That's so cool. A plot came to mind the other day for this, but then I wasn't feeling so well and slept, and now I can't remember most of it!

    But you're right about nano being the ideal excuse for procrastination. I went through the same thing two years back. Oh well, there's always 2009. If I'm up to it then, we can be nano buddies :)

  9. zomg.. i totally forgot NaNoWriMo is just around the corner!

    I guess it's fifth time's a charm for me? LOL :)


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