Friday, October 31, 2008

Sugarcanes and Watermelons

What I'm about to share is creepy enough that I'm only brave to type this out in the broad daylight. This story was told by a friend of my sister's, and apparently happened in a location not too far away from where I live (and the sister was under the impression that I used that route to work and told this story so I'd be careful - but how, I don't know)

The place in question was once an oil-palm estate. Today, oil palm trees still sway in the wind in a patch of land which goes almost as far as your eyes can see, but most of the area is now littered with medium sized industries, a road leading to/from the highway, the local Road Transport Department building and some small stalls, a mechanic's repair area and trees. It looks like the most normal area there ever was.

At night, the family members of my sister's friend set up a stall in that area, and one day (in the early am) which was as normal as any other day, one of the family members saw something from a distance carrying a sugarcane and walking towards the highway while they themselves were getting ready to pack up for the night. She stared at it, wondering why was anyone walking around that area at that time - unless they needed help of some sort. Apparently it noticed her as well, and turned to look at her, and immediately she felt as though she was pinned to the ground, while experiencing the creepiest feeling ever. She knew it was not human. It changed it's direction and started walking towards their crowd in what she described as an intimidating manner.

She somehow managed to point out what she saw and the whole family panicked as they hurriedly packed their stuff into their van. The thing was getting nearer to them as they worked. Finally they got into the van, and drove off. Nevertheless, the creature was still trailing them from afar, and the person who was driving the van (the mother, if I'm not mistaken) almost rammed the van into something on the road, which she couldn't see, but the others in the van saw. If it weren't for one of the kids who pulled the wheel aside, they would have all been injured. Speeding off, they finally managed to leave the thing behind.

Some time later, they got to know that the particular area has this resident "haunting" which we locally refer to as a 'penunggu". Apparently this one walks araound with either a sugarcane or a watermelon which signifies what it wants from the victims. Either death or injury. Although I do not use the road on a daily basis, it is near enough to give me the creeps.

That said, I've always been frightened of Asian horror... I remember watching this one episode of the Chinese X-files (the female investigator even had a similar hairdo as Scully, except that it was in black), and the images haunted me for weeks whenever I went to the bathroom alone at night. Well, you can't really drag anyone else with you into the bathroom, but I used to get my sister to sing some happy songs outside the door when we were younger, but she sometimes would let out a howl and run away and leave me doubly frightened. Thai horror is the creepiest of the lot, but very realistic - which is why it is so scary!

Happy Halloween!


  1. I'm so glad I read this in broad daylight!

    I hope the sugarcane/watermelon thing doesn't appear to you, Terra.

  2. Aliens freak me out the most. Ghosts not so much.

    Not a huge fan of horror movies and TV shows since I'm so easliy spooked ;)

  3. lizza: Nights can be creepy, and it's even worse when you know of their existence... Good old daylight!

    orhan: Alien stories are scary, but I think x-files kind of spoiled them for me.

  4. I'm so easily spooked myself!

    Happy Hallowe'en to you too.

    It's funny, I've heard lots of people talking about creepy things happening on Halloween, but as far as I can remember, it's actually the one night of the year that ghost etc are supposed to take a break. November 1 is All Soul's Day (All Hallow's Eve= Hallowe'en) so if anything creepy should happen it should actually be tomorrow. I think the tradition of kids dressing up is because its the one night of the year you can go out a mock the ghosts without retribution (until midnight of course!). I could be wrong about this as my memory isn't what it used to be.

    In deference to the day I'm wearing skeleton earrings!

  5. Some friends of mine are into Thai horror. They say it is some of the scariest stuff they've ever seen.

  6. aunty: skeleton earrings... cool! The only knowledge of Halloween I have is what I read in a book eons ago (we sadly do not celebrate it here, probably too dangerous for kids to go trick or treating) and yeah, it did mention that this was the one day when they didn't launch attacks on us. Ah, it's so nice to know that there are quite a few of us out there who get spooked easily :)

    travis: Yeah, and they keep you creeped out for the next few days as well!

  7. so cool... i wish i had one of those thingies. The closest i've ever got was the usual female ghost that haunts every mens hostel. They all have them, the one that got pregnant and killed herself, but I've never seen more of it than the guy in a sheet in the loo at midnight!

  8. The universal female ghost... lol! I wonder what is her mission :)

  9. if you ever have occasion to rent a japanese horror "Audition" is incredible

  10. Things like that are dangerous only when they come asking for you by name. Then you have to decapitate a black rooster and feed the thing fresh blood. Its either that or your own blood.

    Ask my grandma...

  11. cyberfish: the synopsis does sound pretty cool...

    sree: yeah, I think I've heard of the black rooster thing before... but I heard somewhere that if they get your blood (even if you give it voluntarily, but who would?), you're good as dead, because they will keep coming for it

  12. cerita hantu! I like:)

    nice layout ler..

  13. Thanks... glad you like cerita hantu. More may come :) (I hope)

  14. I've been thinking about this post since I read it when it was first published. It is pretty freaky stuff, but what is even more scary is experiencing it first hand, which of course I have. Not the watermelon / sugarcane one, but similar.

    Truth is, this post has left me feeling uncomfortable till today, and what triggered my experience of it was the part where you mentioned that the spirit noticed it was being watched and turned back. It's exactly what happened to me.

    Sreenivas is right about having a rooster slaughtered for its blood. I've heard it and experienced it as well. They are not to be taken lightly.

  15. Even hearing it from a third person sent chills down my spine. I can't imagine how it's like to have experienced such a thing. I'm so sorry you had to go through that..


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