Wednesday, October 01, 2008


They say there are unseen being lurking around us, trapped in a place where no one wants them to be and yet, when they show their existence even for a mere second, people run helter-skelter, sometimes swearing to never return to that place.

There are rumours going around that the place where we work has it's own group of unwanted guests. One of our guards had seen a headless creature after midnight once and was sick for a week. Some have seen a short 'person' with brush like hair, and there's also one tall one with long flowing hair.

There are some unseen ones who choose to make noise when you're all alone. Right above the office building, there's an utility room where the compressors and pumps are, and as far as we are aware, people don't work there at night, but sometimes, when you're sitting all alone, unaware that you're the last one sitting there finishing a stubborn report, you hear sounds of things being moved around in the utility room. Sometimes you can ignore them, but at times, it just gets a bit too creepy.

I had a dream last night about the work place. Now, when you're at the factory floor, you can clearly look into the office which is especially helpful if you want to look for somebody. I don't recall what I was doing there, but as I looked into the office at the area where I sit, I saw the creepiest apparition ever, 2 dark black figures with shocking green hair, and glinting green eyes. They seemed to be standing there, and one of them touched the shoulder of the guy that sits behind me, and he was totally oblivious to it. The other one stood near my table and looked around.

This image creeped me out so much I think I woke up in horror after that and had some difficulty sleeping again!


  1. I think it's hilarious that you posted a diagram. I was watching a tv show on the sci-fi channel that investigates rumors of mythological and supernatural creatures. One of them recently took place in an abandoned masjid in Malaysia. CREEPY.

    The show itself is a farce but that episode raised my hackles.

  2. Thank you :) It's an attempt to add more colour to the blog.

    On another note, I never expected ghost hunters to turn international.

  3. i actually was referring to another show called "Destination Truth". There is a Ghost Hunters Intl. But I dont like that one.

  4. I see...I blame it all on google search for the misleading info :)

  5. Whether these things are real phenomena or figments of over-active imaginations doesn't really matter to me. They are still creepy when you read about them, and even more creepy when you experience them yourself.


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