Wednesday, August 06, 2008


If I had a hat (which I don't because it is now lying in the bottom of the ocean) I would say "hat's off" to the organising team that did quite a great job.

Despite the posters that had been put up about a month earlier, and the excited conversations ranging from 'what are you gonna wear?" to "what on earth do you wear to a masquerade themed dinner?" I would say that our highly anticipated annual event came and left in rather a hurry.

Even on the eve of the day, people stayed back late to complete assignments that never seem to end. A few people whom I had casual conversations with during lunch break commented that they were not in the mood to celebrate, either, especially with the work continuously piling up till it encroached into our precious little weekends.

So, anyway, last Saturday saw these workaholics dressed in their best (well, sort of anyway if you compare them to our uniforms), and headed to a hotel, resort and spa in Sunway where the event was held. It consisted of dinner which was alright, although it could have been better (or it could have been also due to my not so great appetite that day), a spot of entertaintment which was truly entertaining because the MCs were good, pronounced people's names quite well and didn't unnecessarily embarrass people like what the MC did in the event two years back and a competition similar to American Idol (I was amazed to find out that we had very talented singers in the company) and a lucky draw among other things.

Overall, it was a good day. And just as my luck would have it, I won a mountain bike in the lucky draw. So now, I really really need to relearn how to ride a bike!


  1. I can't believe you won a bike! It would seem fate wants you to cycle.... but I say spit in the face of fate and sell it on ebay!!

  2. Whats the chances you'd win a bike. Oh, the irony and timing.


  3. Hey, free bike! That's awesome! Now you just need some mountains to ride it on...

  4. free junk...sweet! how is the trail riding in Malaysia?

  5. You won a bike! Was the previous post an intro to you winning a bike then?

    Good luck with getting getting back on one. I salute you for your bravery if you do :)

  6. aunty: I couldn't believe it either. Some of us at work were joking just a few days ago about what we'd do if we got a bike. It's a bit too nice to be sold. So I plan to keep it and (perhaps) relearn to ride it

    orhan: Hehehe... the timing was premeditated, but the irony is clear. Thanks...

  7. ian: yeah, free bike. Not much free time though :p

    cyberfish: I've never been into biking much, so I don't really know. Maybe when I can go on straight roads without falling into the drains nearby, then I'd look for the trails

    anita: yeah, it was. I thought of having both in one post but I was afraid it would end up being a novel :p Oh, and thanks for the good luck wishes. I sure do need them!

  8. Congratulations on winning the bike, and on having a good time despite the tough work days.


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