Friday, August 22, 2008

A Meme about Me

I just realised with horror that both my previous posts were exceptionally long. I must have been carried away by my new found enthusiasm.

Another thing I noticed is that I'm only 3 posts away from surpassing the number of posts on this blog last year, so as a way to keep up the momentum, and the small promise I made to myself earlier this year to blog more, as well as to reach more than 12 posts this month (my highest no of posts was in May with a staggering 12 posts and I don't see why I should not attempt to beat that), I have decided to do one of the memes that I was tagged with some time ago. This one's from Anita as well.

1) What is the most important thing in your life?
I think the freedom of making choices

2) What is the last thing that you bought with your own money?
A Yamaha C40 I think... and loads of TP in a moment of madness

3) Where do you wish to get married?
Somewhere quiet.

4) How old do you think you will be permanently owned by your love?
Permanently owned? What do you think I am? Property? Oh, and by the way, nothing is permanent!

5) Are you in love?
Nah... don't think so.

6) Where was the last restaurant you had dinner?
Shah Alam.

7) Name the latest book that you bought?

8) What is your full name?
Ahem... Terra Shield.

9) Do you prefer your mother or father?
You've got to be kidding me

10) Name a person that you really wish to meet in real life for the first time.
There actually are quite a few of them. We'll see if it materialises

11) Christina or Britney?
Hmmm... Christina I think

12) Do you do your own laundry?
I used to :D

13) The most exciting place you want to go?
The top of a volcano...

14) Hugs or kisses?

15) Point out 5 things about the person who tagged you.
a) Childhood friend
b) Interesting
c) Good natured
d) Sweet
e) Loves(d) to blog

16)8 things I am passionate about:
1) good music with lots of guitar riffs
2) books
3) blogging/writing (what a surprise!!hehehe)
4) coffee, tea
5) interesting conversations
6) good food (but not too much)

17) 8 things I say too often:
1) Huh?
2) Seriously?
3) Anyway...
4) So?
5) Oh shit!
6) Ask him/her to go stuff it up his/her...
7) Okay...
8) Yeah

18)8 books I've read recently:
1) Next - Michael Crichton
2) Selected Tales - Edgar Allan Poe (Reading)
3) Hogfather - TP
4) Pyramids - TP
5) Guards! Guards! TP
6) Small Gods - TP
7) Rant - Chuck Palahniuk (Reading)
8) May 13, Before and After - TAR

19) 8 songs I could listen to over and over again:
1) The World I Know - Collective soul
2) Baba O'riley - The Who
3) Fidelity - Regina Spektor
4) Found Out About You - Gin Blossoms
5) Straight Lines - Silverchair
6) Good - Better Than Ezra
7) Save Tonight - Eagle Eye Cherry
8) Girlfriend - The Darkness

20)8 things I learned last year:2007
1) My laptop is a bit crazy
2) A cool and dry climate keeps your skin looking clean and fresh the WHOLE day!!
3) I seek thrills (in small doses)
4) Disappointment is something you can learn to live with
5) If you are forced to hang out with people long enough you end up being their friend
6) I'm still quite scared of large bodies of water
7) Szechuan food rocks!
8) I'm always the last to know

-8 people to tag:-
I chose not to tag anyone, but feel free to use this whenever you like


  1. So you're playing to spend a great deal of time on the crapper playing the guitar? The answer to the second question made me smile :)

    And you and I share almost the same love of music. And I didn't think anyone outside of Australia knew about Silverchair.


  2. I didn't mind the long posts at all. I was fascinated by the experience you had. It was a bit less extreme that I anticipated from your earlier descriptions.

  3. orhan: that was the initial plan. i had the noble intention of entertaining people with my rendition of wonderwall. sadly, I believe the c40 gently weeps due to neglect!

    Oh yeah, silverchair is quite known here especially after their Anthem for the year 2000.

    travis: well, that's good to know. I'm glad it wasn't as extreme as initially described based on previous participants descriptions (which proves the point they were trying to drive into us about how perceptions differ) Who knows I made it sound not so bad, but someone who goes later might think it was teribble!

  4. Thanks for doing this meme. You've got some pretty interesting answers. Of all the bands you've named, only two are familiar to me - Silverchair and the Darkness.

  5. You're welcome. It was kind of fun. As for the music, most of the songs were famous in the late 90's. and one is from the 70's.

  6. Love your wicked sense of humour ;)

  7. Glad that my wicked sense of humour is appreciated! :)


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