Monday, August 18, 2008


Yes, I'm alive... and , no.... I did not have to resort to eating any of my teammates. On the contrary, it was fun!! Just got back early this morning (18/8/08), reached the workplace at 12.15 a.m or something, drove home and went to sleep for 14 hours straight. I just woke up around 3 p.m, had some food, and I'm now re-visiting all the technology I've left behind.

Thank you to all who left the kindest, sweetest comments in the previous post. I will be back with all the details soon.


  1. Welcome back! You've been missed, dearly. By me at least :)

    Glad you're safe.

  2. Hey, you changed blog stuff! I like it!

    Darn, I was hoping you'd have had to eat at least one person. There's no team-building exercise quite like cannibalism of one of the office temps.

  3. not exactly the torture camp that you thought right?

  4. Welcome home! No leeches then?

  5. what? no lymphatic filiriasis? considering how verdant the forests of Malaysia are, I would be utterly surprised if you had to resort to eating a workmate. Besides, human meat is far to stringy for me, and I almost never eat red meat anyway. The only reason I could see for such a thing is to settle any outstanding office grudges.

  6. Glad you came back in one piece and nothing horrific happened... Hope to see lotsa pics...


  7. YAY! You survived it!

    Can't wait for the story now!

  8. orhan: thank you :) Am very touched

    ian: changed blog stuff? as in content?
    LOL @ "There's no team-building exercise quite like cannibalism of one of the office temps."

    zewt: you're right...

  9. anita: thank you... there were a few around, but none of them decided to lodge themselves on me for nourishment!

    cyberfish: Actually the eating a workmate idea came from one of the comments in one of the earlier posts, and the fact that I decided to name this post Alive where people ended up eating their dead friends after being stranded on a mountain.

    mullai: thanks... yes, I will be putting up some pictures :)

    travis: yeah, that I did

  10. hey welcome back! Glad you didn't get eaten or have to eat others. Apparently modern man is not very tasty anyway due to the large amount of chemical we consume. I don't know who told me that but apparently cannibals have gone right off us! So at least there's an upside.

  11. Well, that's good news. Cheers for chemicals.


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