Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I bumped into PT around 11 this morning and she rattled on about how she plans to take half day off today as she fears being stuck in a massive traffic jam in case anything happens in the PP by elections today. Although PP is in a state that is a few hours away by car, and I can brush her off as being paranoid (she is, really ;p ), it can't be denied that this by-election in PP is going to be one hell of a memorable one regardless if ends on a positive note or a negative one. (However, we never will know if it's positive or negative until we look back on this day in a year's time or so)

Forget the GEs held in March, this one here in PP may be the deciding factor, the proof that people do really want some change, and the proof that people are willing to discard all allegations of buggery, swearing and past history from 10 years ago among other things.

For the EC and perhaps neighbouring countries, it may just be another by-election, the kind that is held to replace the old guy with a new one because the old one was no longer available or has decided to resign or something, but for the people in general, this one is the one to reckon with.


  1. Anwar won with a majority of 15,671!!! I wonder what will happen in September and the events that lead up to that date.

  2. orhan: LOL! Sorry, I got a bit carried away with acronyms... anyway, PP is a self-created acronym for Permatang Pauh, the place where the by-elections were held.

    anita: yeah, that's what I heard last night as well, but it was surprisingly quiet. Had the other party won, it would have been all over the news!

  3. Ok... i'll try my best to make a long story short....

    10 years ago, our deputy PM was suddenly sacked for several reasons. Anyway, he served in jail, etc and was recently released.

    A few years later, the older PM who sacked this guy handed over the seat to the new PM. And in 2004, the new PM got a tremendous majority. However, certain incidents later, and many unhappy people after that, in this years elections, quite a lot of seats fell under the opposition (a group of parties where one of it was advised by this former deputy PM) However, he couldn't contest then, so when he was finally allowed to contest, his wife stepped down, and he decided to contest in the seat, which is this PP elections.

    I do hope this is less confuzling :)

  4. Sounds alot like something that happened in Australia during the 70's. Hope the right party wins.

    Thanks for the clarification, you're a doll :)

  5. Oh ok.. I didn't know that. Anyway, a change is always good, especially if it keeps the ruling people on their toes.

    You're most welcome :)


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