Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The List

So, I've been talking to a few people about the torture camp I will have to go through. It starts tomorrow, and me being idiotic as usual had to go and hurt myself at the back of my foot. The back of my safety boots rest directly on the wound) although I tried my best to protect it with thick socks and therefore refuses to heal like it should.

So, here's a short list of what they said:
1. There is NOTHING to worry about, except for the part where you have to walk alone in the dark (The good news is, there's a full moon that night)
2. Bring an extra pair of glasses (in case you lose yours - priceless information as I can be almost as blind as a bat!)
3. Bring rubberbands to tie your pants so the leeches don't get up into your clothes when you're in the water.
4. Bring salt (to kill the daredevil leeches)
5. Bring biscuits, chocolates and drinks if possible (biscuits and chocolates, done... all I need is some isotonic drinks and a few bottles of water)
6. Bring bandages, painkillers, etc
7. Bring an extra pair of sneakers if possible (in case yours decides to give you hell)
8. The trekkers who will guide us are our friends from our company itself, so you can ask them for any help (ha! it pays to be nice to coworkers)
9. Try to get a lot of sleep before you go (Alas! I've been waking up about an hour and a half earlier than usual the past few days)
10. Just have fun!!


  1. Tell your friends you had food poisining and you could not make it for the torturous camp:P

  2. eeeuuuuw leeches! I wouldn't do it for all the money in the world... not a chance!

    Hats off to you!

  3. # 3 & 4 is probably the most important if you don't expect anything to go wrong.

    # 10 is the key.

    And get yourself back to us safe and sound. With pictures, hopefully.

  4. clamul: Lol! Great idea. Alas! It's compulsory. If I don't go now, I'll have to go another time. Might as well finish it off :)

    aunty: I've only seen the really tiny ones before. We gave them coffee and orange juice and they got kind of drunk.

    orhan: My fav happens to be #10I'll try to get some photos if it's possible.

  5. Just to let you know I'm thinking of you in what I assume is your time of need.

  6. since it is compulsory, then wish you luck.. let us know whether you have any leeches experience o not..

  7. Oooh.. take care! And be careful! I hate all these stuff! haha.. though I have been to the Amazon before! Still can't seem to love this kinda things. Have fun though and don't let the leeches bite! =P

  8. Oh goodness. I just read this. I hope you're doing fine in torture camp. You're very brave. As fun as it sounds, I don't think I could do without a proper toilet and bathroom.

    How come matches / lighters aren't on the list? Fire is the only thing that tigers are afraid of - according to Jungle Book :)

    We await your full report on the event. Take care.

  9. Leeches? Have fun?

    Oh I don't think those two things go together.

  10. aunty: thank you... that's very sweet of you!

    clamul: ok... sure will do

    princess: you have been to the amazon and can't stand jungles? Why?

  11. anita: oh yes, bathrooms. It's not very convenient in the jungle I can assure you. As for lighters, matches, part of our training involves utilization of resources, so even if you brought it there, it might be taken away.

    travis: no they don't unless you decide to drop a pinch of salt on them and let them dissolve away. Hahahaha


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