Friday, July 04, 2008

Something to Rant About

I'm beginning to wonder if the lack of living contributes to the condition where you suddenly find yourself not having much to say on your blog no matter how much you want to. Just for the record, I'm not really dead. I kind of feel dead though...

Look at it this way... you see the same people everyday that they haphazardly drop by in your dreams. You practically do the same things everyday, and it takes a whole lot of your time as well, so you don't really have much time for other more interesting activities that may be worth mentioning in your blog. And then when you resign yourself to the fact that that is going to be how it is, someone decides to make it even harder by introducing a whole new concept where everyone else agrees to without giving a thought (mainly because it's not them who have to do it) and you're stuck in the middle. Well, sort of...

So yes, it's true. Routine hampers creativity. Puzzle pieces can be blown away by strong winds on Saturday afternoons. And I really really need to get a new pair of safety boots. And a long holiday far far away.


  1. I feel your pain... I'm considering blogging about how I can't figure out how to lace up my new runners - which is certainly pathetic.

    As for holidays, come visit me. I have nought to offer you but an airbed, but its yours if you want it!

  2. I got a comfy couch if you want to come this far. LOL

    I know what you mean about routine hampering creativity. That's when I like to try to go on a road trip, or visit someone I haven't seen in a long time, or spend a day doing something I normally wouldn't. It stimulates your right brain.

  3. aunty: Lol! I think blogging about not being able to blog is pretty sad as well. To tell the truth, I was staring at the compose page of blogger for about 1/2 an hour before I decided to go with it.

    Thanks for the offer. I hope to see myself visiting you in Ireland someday :)

    ian: LOL! The further the better, actually. Yeah, something new is always something to blog about :)

  4. Any time you want to visit the offer is there!

  5. Sometimes you just have to break the cycle of a rut. Like, instead of having the same tuna sammich you could get a grilled cheese.

    It's a small change, but it could be significant!

  6. aunty: that's great! :)

    travis: yeah, that's true.

  7. Welcome aboard the "my-life's a bloody routine" club :) I've blogged about not being able to blog umpteen times so, I can relate to it pretty well.

    Come over here :) I'm sure we can find some interesting mischief that will have your blog overflowing with at least 2 posts a day.

  8. Yeah, I think I remember reading something like that before.

    You know I'd love to. I just haven't found the right time to take a long break before this, but I have a presentiment that things might change soon. Keeping fingers crossed :)


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