Saturday, July 26, 2008

It's now 2 floors high, or maybe 3

When I was a kid, I moved to a different state at that obscure time between leaving primary school and entering secondary school. So while my friends stayed behind in the same state, and almost all of them went to the same school together (albeit a different one from the primary school) while strengthening the bonds of friendship, I ended up having to go to a brand new place and had to make new friends from scratch, and being me, it wasn't easy at all.

I recently joined a group that carries the school's name, call it alumni if you will and that led me to the school's (official?) website. There weren't many photos there but from the few that were put up, the school looks really different now compared to back in the day. For a start, the single story buildings seem to be part of the past. The few buildings that were in the pictures are at least 2 stories high. I wonder if the main building that was there from the colonial times and is rumoured to be haunted is still there or not. Or if the little garden where stories of 'orang kenit' (or tiny people - like elves, maybe) who lived in the small tower in the garden that used to add colour to our daily conversations as children still exists.

Naturally, most of the teachers I knew are not there anymore, it being 16 years since I last walked out of the gates of the school never to look back again. The headmaster who was there while I was still a student retired back in 1996. The craziest thing is as I saw the lyrics of the school song, the tune suddenly came back to me (we had to sing it every day during assembly, so it's not really my fault)

Gosh, I never did expect to have such nostalgic feelings about my old school!


  1. Feels great, doesn't it. I did that once. Once is plenty for me. Makes me so emotional; simplier times, etc ;)

  2. Yes, it sure does. I'd love to go and check it out personally some day...

  3. I have similar feelings of nostalgia every once in awhile when I think about my old schools. I attended three elementary schools and two junior high schools. Luckily I only went to one high school.

    Now you've got me thinking about that first elementary school. I think I'll see if I can find it online.

  4. The schools I went to are really near my parents house, and since I live near them too now they're fairly near to me. I pass my secondary school every so often. My primary school is a bit more off the beaten track.

    They built prefabs in my primary school when I was 7 to house the extra classes of kids (I remember we actually had school in the church for awhile because there was no space for us). 22 years later they are still using these same temporary buildings!

    Sometimes when passing my secondary school I feel the urge to remind people of the year they painted it pink... Pink!

    I don't feel nostagic for school because I hated the place, but now you've got me wondering if my new nephew will end up going to the same primary school me and my brother went to... hmmm

  5. travis: That's neat... I'm sure you'll find a website or a google group, or something

    aunty: I don't think I liked my schools that much either while I was there, but somehow many years later the feeling is different. I think I'm also curious about the changes, and if the old teachers are still there (well those who haven't retired/died)

    I can't imagine how a school painted pink would look from the outside. It would have stood out against the background no doubt!Before painting houses in bold colours became fashionable, my faculty at the university painted their new building a bright yellow. We were the laughing stock of other faculties for two whole years (and then I left)


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