Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The Faded Purple Robes

A few posts back, I mentioned about an attempt at satire that failed because I got bored even before I had reached the beginning of the story. It remains so till today, a loose document among other documents that scatter a folder that is so uncreatively named Documents. Nevertheless, I have decided to bring forth the unfinished story (actually it's merely an introduction that took a few weeks to move from my brains to a notebook and finally the screen) because I think it needs to see the light of day, and I personally would like to know what you think.

This is a work of fiction. Any similarities with places, people or incidents, dead or alive, existent or not in the past, present or future is purely co-incidental.

The old frail king sat back on his comfortable leather sofa, his head hung to the side. A crown, merely for decorative purposes was perched on his somewhat knobby right knee. His left leg was stretched out with his foot precariously close to a bowl with a lonesome goldfish which picked up its pace and wrinkled its nose ( Not that it had a nose, per se, but instead of having a peaceful look usually associated with goldfish, it kind of had the look of someone who was constipated)at the smell.

He mused about the bloody war that he had just lost and was aiming to put the blame on someone else (It could be anyone but him. The people, the tv, the neighbour’s cat, hell; even the big old royal palm behind his grandmother’s house would do) He tried to recall how he ever ended up in this predicament and could only think of the incidents that all too well began about five years before. He tried thinking of his vehement denial pertaining to certain issues and was thankful that the people were clueless regarding that. But now, he couldn’t be too sure. He needed to think. And the goldfish swam in circles in its little bowl wondering why the smell still remained.

In another place about a five hour drive away (that is if you took the shortest route ever possible through mountains and jungles, and provided that the carnivorous goats didn’t eat you, or horned ducks didn’t puncture your vehicle first) another old, but not so frail king shook his own hand in the privacy of his ‘thinking room’ congratulating himself over a recent achievement that he believed had happened thanks to the war that had just ended.


  1. Not a bad beginning. For some reason I fixated on the goldfish, wondering if the other king also had one and whether it also dealt with a stinky-footed king.

    Good luck with it!

  2. Funny you should mention that. The other king did have a goldfish in the first draft, but it had more luck with the stinky feet!

  3. I'm intrigued and curious to know where it goes. LOLed at your constipated looking goldfish

    Love your descriptive writing btw

  4. Thanks. I'm glad the constipated looking fish made you LOL. As for the story, it was an attempt to poke fun at something that happened that month in the country. I need to reread the old papers to see where the story heads!

  5. Mmm...parentheticals, love 'em. They go really well with your writing style.

  6. Parentheticals, they come in handy. Love them too


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