Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Who knew that trying to shut a car door in a small space could send you flying into a patch of sand (which is sometimes referred to as a garden - what kind though... I wonder at times.)

That was what happened last night when I got home from work. Despite knowing that I would have to squeeze out into the small space between the 'garden' and the car, and the fact that my feet are not really that small either, I chose to let it remain that way. I got out fine, but as soon as I closed the door, I found myself landing on the sand with a thud, after performing a fantastic pirroute in the limited space that could have made even the best ballerina turn an ugly shade of green. At the same time, I felt my ankle throb (what is a garden if it is not lined with bricks?) and my ego dented although there was no one out there to see the whole incident. I crawled out of the 'garden' and limped towards the gate to shut it and go in.

The swell subsided this morning (hopefully because I acted fast and put some ice on it before sleeping). I have another story about this morning but I'll have to do it some other time because my break time is almost over.


  1. Poor you... I hate that feeling of embarrassment you get when you fall over even if no one sees. It's like you think 'someone has to have seen me make a total tit of myself'.

    Hope you feel better - keep it elevated!

  2. I hope you're ok. And you're back at work???

  3. Take care. Make sure you ice it again several times. It keeps the swelling contained and helps with pain.

  4. Agreed ice is your friend.

    I had a friend that would run up to you when you fell, point, and laugh really hard. Then he would walk calmly away.

    It was quite ego denting :)

  5. aunty: yeah, that's true... besides, I'm somewhat of a klutz, so it makes me even more self-conscious. And thanks... :)

    ian: lol!

    anita: Yeah I'm ok. I guess it wasn't that serious after all. I don't even have a limp, which is why I went to work...

  6. Travis: It's alright now... thanks for the wishes :)

    SS: Sad huh, people who do that still exist... I thought pointing and laughing should have ended by the age of 11 or 12 :)

  7. At least there weren't any witnesses. How embarassment ;)

  8. Lol! I think there weren't any witnesses. And hope so as well :)


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