Sunday, July 20, 2008

The radio hates me and a meme

As much as I like listening to the radio during my journey to and from work (especially to, and less of from), I have this feeling that it's all unrequited. Radio stations hate me. There's no other explanation.

I think it was about over a month ago when I mentioned about a new favourite radio station, and how the deejays with their monty python-esque antics make my mornings better, and how I actually won tickets to the Indiana Jones movie, etc. Life was pretty good then.

Barely two weeks later, the station decides to reformat it's content (and promote travel and adventure locally as to help the tourism industry due to rising costs of travel)... so the wake up show (which is called something else these days but I can't seem to remember what it is) is hosted by two other deejays (one of them used to host a show at night called "nocturnal with (insert deejay's name)") and they're not even funny. The saddest part of all, is that they don't even try.


I was tagged by Anita for this meme.

I first answered some of this on Saturday (12/7), so the mood reflects how I was that day. And the rest, were completed at free intervals (when and where available!) Sort of, anyway... Honestly, it was one of the tougher memes to complete, but quite interesting nevertheless...

I am: Terra (or whoever I think I am)
I think: all the time
I know: what I did last summer :D
I have: a few minutes to spare
I wish: time would slow down, though
I hate: some things
I miss: having misadventures like those I had about 9 to 10 years ago
I fear: the words 'improvement activity'
I hear: the distant hum of machines
I smell: coffee
I crave: a break from routine
I search: for notes under a pile of papers
I wonder: where has all the enthusiasm gone
I regret: running out of the house in a hurry this morning and accidentally leaving my water bottle and breakfast behind
I love: books
I ache: where I should not
I am not: a translator
I believe: I need some sleep
I dance: with two left feet :D
I sing: only in the shower
I cry: unexpectedly
I fight: to protect
I win: sometimes
I lose: other times
I never: say never (cliched, I know...)
I always: feel overwhelmed
I confuse: myself
I listen: distractedly
I can usually be found: around
I am scared: of scary stuff
I need: some food :(
I am happy about: things in general
I imagine: a lot

I think I'm supposed to tag people, but I'll leave it to those who may be interested :)


  1. Too bad about your radio station. That's one of the many reasons I only listen to my Ipod these days.

  2. I am not: a translator

    My favourite. Put a smile on my dial.

    Sorry to hear about the station reformat. Maybe get an iPod and load your own tunes? Thats what I do.

  3. travis: That's true... I use the ipod too, except when driving.

    orhan: good to know... Yeah, I think it's time I got one of those kits that enable the ipod to be played using the car's sound system :)

  4. My mommy just gave up doing tags. It's just to difficult for her :)

  5. I actually just started listening to the radio on the way to work.

    Its amazing how much you learn. Like I now know that women resent men who tell them how to dress....

    Eye opening stuff.

  6. If u're referring to the station whose name rhymes with Fax, then i think u're right. Freaking annoying deejays...and stupid games. I oni listen to their Friday's rock segment, which is kinda nice coz they play songs by Deep Purple, Journey, Steve Vai, etc..

    If its not Fax, then its a warning not to listen to Fax in the mornings!

  7. vikram: Yeah i understand. Tags can be tough sometimes - which sort of explains why I don't tag anyone much these days unless I'm certain they love doing tags :)

    SS: Good point. Women do resent )men or women alike) who tell them how to dress. Advice on fashion is acceptable though :p But really, a good combination of deejays and good topics as well makes radio kind of fun. It's pointless listening to the music though (well here anyway)

    denise: yeah, that's the station... I do miss the old deejays though, cos they were naturally funny.

  8. I know the feeling. Just before I went to Japan one of my favorite stations changed format without warning. Imagine turning the radio on and having it blast merengue at you. I thought my sister had borrowed my car and changed the presets (not that the listens to merengue). But I was weirded out for a while. You might want to try out satellite radio too. Don't know if they offer it where you are but just imagine 300 channels!


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