Tuesday, May 27, 2008

On the radio

This morning I was on the radio for about 42 seconds and I don't know how I sounded!!

About a few months ago, I finally found the perfect radio station to listen to on my way to work. Previously I was stuck with a bunch of morons who thought they were being cute, but who were actually ridiculously annoying. And they kept playing the same songs, day after day. I got bored and left.

So, this perfect radio station has the coolest deejays who do the morning show. I think they call it the wake up show or something. Too bad no real life Malaysian would have had their breakfast at 7 am. These were the same dudes who gave tips on how to escape from the clutches of a python. And this morning, my fingers took over my brain and sent an SMS to the radio station for a contest while waiting for work to start. It was that easy! (I usually sit in the car and listen to the radio or read or do both till 7:59 because we have to attend an assembly)

Moments later, the deejay announces that they have a winner. He dials up the winner, and you can hear that a line has been connected. Over in my car, my phone begins to ring. I peek at the number, and I don't recognise it. I lower the volume of the radio and answer the call. Apparently I won the contest.

Hearing a deep male voice over the phone has somehow always managed to make me nervous to a certain extent. It could be anyone's voice. But deejays have such nice voices!!! If it's deep and sounds nice enough... blood vessels to my fingers constrict. Just don't ask me why...

For that particular reason, I can't remember what I said, or if I sounded like a moron, or anything for that matter. Of course I'm thrilled that I won the first ever contest I took part in for this particular radio station, but not knowing how my voice over the radio sounds like seems to be a bit of a bummer...


  1. congrats.. so what did you win?? and what radio station is this?

  2. aunty: I won movie passes to Indiana Jones. I'm quite excited!!

    vikram's mommy: Thanks... It's Traxx FM. They've got pretty cool djs in the mornings, and have a better variety of music (kind of important for me because i don't quite enjoy hip hop and the annoying below 20 yrs old young females with squeeky voices)

    travis: thanks :)

  3. cool... I'm very excited about seeing Indy myself this weekend

  4. Yes, I watched 2/3 of one of the older Indy movies a few weeks ago. He is such an unconventional hero, more adorable than dashing! Can't wait either!! :)

  5. me too... well actually I watched all three of them last week. I do love Indy..

    In fact I was recently told a story by a relation-in-law that at one time Harrison Ford hit on his sister while hiking up a mountain in California. This was told in a tone of disgust... along with "he's nearly 70!"... I responded by saying that I was be OK with Harrison Ford hitting on me at any time, in any place. He's Indiana Jones! I was not the only woman to hold this view!

    I'm so excited by Indy 4 that I have a lego indy keyring on my keys at the moment.

  6. Aunty: Yes, you do sound very excited!! It's contagious :)

    Anita: Thanks :)

  7. Congratulations, Terra.

    I may have missed it but what was the contest about?

  8. Thanks, Orhan. It was a contest where you send in a short message stating that you want to watch Indiana Jones, and if you're lucky, they send you the movie passes.

    I believe it was beginner's luck!

  9. Very simple indeed. Hope you enjoy the movie.

  10. Query: If not at 7, when do 'real Malaysians' eat breakfast?

  11. orhan: thanks.

    j_v: Good question. Most people are on the road at 7. So breakfast usually ends up as brunch which is around 10. If ever anyone has anything at 7 it's most probably one of those 250ml chocolate milk/coffee in the carton.


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