Sunday, May 18, 2008

Of bad eyesight and a slight irritation

"Hey where are your glasses? Can you see? Tell me, how many fingers are there?" they ask, while shoving their stupid fingers right at your face.That question used to irritate the hell of out me.

The thing is, nothing much has changed and questions of that sort still irritate me. The only difference is, the people whom I hang out with these days don't ask questions like that anymore, unless they fancy themselves being the New Age Peter Pan who couldn't fly!

I can't see well without some aid in the form of glasses (or contact lenses), I wouldn't be able to see if you had 1 strand of grey hair in that mass of black. Your skin looks flawless when I don't wear my glasses. Instead of a single light bulb, I get to see about 5 without the glasses (astigmatism!) And I wouldn't be able to say if your nose is slightly off centre from like say 20 metres away.

Other than that, I see you, and your fingers as well!

So, after a few months of procrastination, I finally went and got my eyes checked last week. I had a suspicion that my eyesight had deteriorated in recent months as my headaches had become more and more frequent. It was a fairly simple procedure that took less than half an hour. The good news is I learnt that my eyesight had not deteriorated at all. As for the 'feeling' that my eyesight had become worse, it was due to the fact that the lenses had their positions changed (most probably due to the fact that I have actually slept with them on several occasions, only to chuck them away in semi consciousness when I realise that they are hurting me)

The thing that took more time was the choosing of the frames. Imagine how difficult it is to choose frames when you actually can't see that well in the first place. A good tip would be to have someone with good fashion sense tag along!

It's been 21 years since I've started using glasses. If they were not inanimate, and if I've been using the same pair since then, they could be eligible to vote now! A funny incident I recall as a kid was when I first got my eyes checked was that I had the alphabets memorised after the first eye was checked (just because I didn't want them to think I couldn't read!) and ended up getting a not so good pair because of that idiocity.


  1. I also find it so hard to figure out what new frames look like on me. I thought my optician was a genius when she out in contacts for me to see the ones I was picking out.

    I had a similar wrong glasses story in that I once did an eyetest where I squinted and strained and guessed what was on the board - this resulted in a pair of glasses where I had to squint and strain and guess to see things!

    Sometime people ask to try on my glasses (especially recently with my new ones). The result is generally them saying "woah you really are blind".

    People who don't wear glasses think we all turn into Milhouse without glasses when we haven't got them on... and for some reason will shut our eyes and crawl around on the ground looking for them desperately. They're always disappointed with the "nah you're just a bit blurry" response to the "are you completely blind now" question.

  2. Still need to get my eyes checked. I've never had to wear glasses, but age seems finally to be catching up to me.

  3. aunty: Exactly... I guess all of us have some similar stories. I haven't had anyone ask to try on my glasses lately, but the last time someone did, they felt a headache coming!

    travis: or probably eyestrain... we're exposed to too many sources that can affect the eyesight.

  4. I survived few of my eyesight problem without a spec..until i got most of the notes on blackboard wrong..i got a frame which was a little bit big..then i tuned to a smaller one..frameless..till now still having it on..:D

  5. Yeah, the frameless ones are nice :)

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