Saturday, May 03, 2008


It was the most frustrating thing ever last night. You take something all the way to be repaired, it works for a couple of minutes there, and when you bring it back home to be tested, it just stays put. Not a light in sight, blinking or permanent. And then there's the fact that even after 1 year and a few months later many other 3rd party softwares are still not compatible with Windows Vista! They've got to be joking, right?

Technologically unsavvy, or technologically unlucky? Or could it be Murphy's law as Aunty Helpful Dictator mentioned in an earlier comment on an earlier post?

After a two week delay, I finally managed to get the poor old laptop to the shops today despite much trepidation over what might happen to the laptop after all's been said and done. After all, it was most probably going to get torn apart (via philipheads, no doubt... but still) and that above all unnerves me. And the possibility of the replaced part not working, of course. Which was what happened. The external ethernet port, or LAN port or whatever else it may be called is not working. It just sits there stupidly at the USB port despite the fact that there was a connection at the shop where I got it fixed. I'm glad that it was unnecessary to open up the laptop for this. Phew!

Hopelessly defeated after wrestling with the thing for most of the night (about 3 hours, I think) I gave up. I went into the HP website looking for any recommendations for compatible parts. (Why didn't I think of going to their website earlier?) and I sent them an e-mail, and am now hoping for a positive response. Wish me luck!!


  1. Good luck! I hate the thought of my laptop breaking down. It has become an extension of me almost, storing pieces of my life.

    What would I do without it?

  2. Thanks. Yeah, you never really know how reliant you are on something until it starts giving trouble :)


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