Tuesday, January 08, 2008


I’ve never been to an education fair in my life, ever… not even when I was supposed to initially decide what I wanted to do after secondary school. (The thing is, I highly doubt they had such things back then) I applied for my course at the university like how I’d pick a book at a bookstore. It was almost a stab in the dark. The only difference is, I believe I picked up better books than the course I decided to pick way back then. But that’s a different story!

So my visit to the higher education fair on the 6th was something quite new in my experience. It was mostly filled with teenagers and their parents, looking for the right place to secure what everyone imagines to be a good future (or you could say that in a way, they’re helping any particular industry get a brand new slave in a few years time)

I’ve been toying with the idea of continuing with my Masters for the past few years, but have always been uncertain about how to go about it. Even after all those years, (4 to be exact) I still cannot make up my mind if I want to do it locally or overseas, part time or full time, research or coursework, and the most crucial of all, either in chemical engineering or get myself an MBA. Seriously, the thing that can drive anybody mad these days are the choices that they’re given! It’s pure insanity.

On another note, I had assumed that the exhibition would be something quite big, but instead it was quite small, and my sis and I used only about an hour plus to check out the booths and get most of our questions answered. This I guess was probably because most of the universities that set up their booths there did not have what we were looking for.

Something quite strange happened, then…

Anyway, after getting the postgraduate information, we headed to the bookstore (which I particularly like because it’s so huge, and you can find almost anything you want – except today, of course. Just my luck!) Well, I was browsing and checking out some stuff at one of the aisles when this woman (a total stranger) asked me just out of the blue if I had the bookstore’s membership card. I immediately said yes (which was true), as I did not want her trying to force me to become a member (I’m afraid I am slightly paranoid about things like that) She then proceeded to ask me if a particular book was on sale. I gave her a bewildered look but answered her anyway, saying that I was not really sure, and asked her to check if the book had any stickers on it saying that it was on sale.

This woman then said that she’d ask the staff at the counter and asked if she could use my card to get the discount, if there was any. Although this request seemed terribly strange to me, I nodded in agreement despite the fact that I’m pretty sure my face would have betrayed a small amount of skepticism and great disbelief. I learnt later that the book did not have any special discount.

As for the postgraduate dream, the stuff I collected is still in the bag I put them in, waiting for me to take action. Ah… decisions!


  1. It is such a tough decision. I've had my post-grad decision on hold for the last 7 years. I just don't know what I want.

    I'm thinking I'll be one of those guys who does post-grad work after retirement.

    Good luck with your choices.

  2. 7 years? That's a long time...

    Thanks for your wishes... :)

  3. An education fair? I think we call them open days over here. Either way I'd be just as edgy as you were in that kind of environment. I was in a bookstore earlier today and even then I couldn't shoot far enough into the dark to find a good enough book to buy, even with a discount ;)

  4. They have open days here too, but it's usually one specific school where they gloat about their facilities and such. At the fair, you get a chance to view all the participating schools...


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