Wednesday, January 16, 2008


This is my attempt (I'm guessing it's going to be pretty lame, so please bear with me) at explaining why drinking coffee and water as well as only having one bathroom does not benefit anyone at all.

In the reality I've created for myself, things like coffee and water are basic necessities (what we learnt in elementary level science was food (water included), shelter and clothes were the basic necessities (what about oxygen??? I suppose our minds were not critical enough back then - and sarcasm was a totally adult thing) Anyway... taking in these items sometimes increase the need for bathroom visits (coffee being a diuretic drink, and increased water intake no thanks to the coffee and hot weather we're experiencing right now) and this is where the problem starts...

See, I spend most of my waking hours in a place which only has one women's *bathroom as there are only about 9 of us who use it. And today, I was in a very uncomfortable situation as someone was hogging the bathroom (the door was closed) for more than an hour and a half! I really don't understand how anyone could use the bathroom for so long, unless they're having diarrhea. It's small, and cramped and is obviously not the most comfortable place on earth. Of course I could have used the men's which was right next to it, but the last time I used it (also when someone was hogging the women's bathroom) one of the guys whom I work with was waiting outside and gave me that raised eyebrows look when he saw me come out of the men's bathroom.

So in the end, I decided to try to turn the knob, in case the person inside was sleeping/crying/dead... and to my surprise it opened, and instead of having someone accuse me of violating their privacy (they should have locked the door, okay...) I was greeted by an empty bathroom, totally devoid of any living beings (ghosts, I can't be too sure)

Oh! What a relief.. So, the moral of the story is... when you really have to use the bathroom, just turn the knob. You never know what you might find!

* The bathrooms I'm talking about are the single type, unlike common public bathrooms with many cubicles.

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  1. I worked in a similar office once, that had just two water closets like that. It certainly creates a set of challenges.


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