Sunday, January 20, 2008


I'm beginning to think that I was somehow born a little too late because I seem to have missed out on plenty of good music (good old rock), and good movies as well. The popular songs on the radio nowadays annoy me, and I keep looking back to the days that have long gone to look for the 'good stuff'.

Right now, I'm stalking Queen, and this particular song is a current favourite of mine... many years too late (but it's alright, I guess, as the saying goes about better being late than never!)

So anyway, I've attached the video below... this one's sung and played by (Dr) Brian May.


  1. Some of my friends try to get me to listen to new bands...they tell me that there really is good music out there. But I get tired of wading through the crap to find it. I guess I just don't have the energy or interest any more.

  2. Having seen Freddie Mercury and the boys seven (!) times, beginning in 1977, I can tell you that barring Annie Lennox, TEXAS and Sharleen Spiteri, Depeche Mode, and some of the newly-recycled dance music from back in the day, there is no group which can hold a candle to Queen.

    Mika and Robbie WIlliams, though, and chomping at Freddie's heels.

    Check out my blog orangemercury dot com for some major links to Queen vids and surprise downloads!

  3. oh look! surprise downloads!! yay!! :|

    Brian May = teh guitar God

    Love Queens music :)

  4. Not a big fan of Queen! Maybe because a former gf of mine loved Bohemian Rhapsody. Makes one want to kill ones self. Barring that, my tastes span several decades, and mediums. I spent six months last year putting it all in digital format and selling it off. Except for the vinyl. Vinyl is sacred.
    I felt the same way for a long time about music and cars.

  5. travis: I'm not against new music, per se... but the current music that hogs our airwaves (Malaysian) is so not my taste. seven times? oh wow! Freddie's voice is very distinctive... Nice to meet another Freddie's fan. And thanks for dropping by :)

    silversabre: Yeah, Brian May is the guitar god... hehehe, and quite a good voice too! High five, fellow Queen's music fan!

    cyberfish: Sounds like you might have overdosed on Bohemian Rhapsody :D


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