Monday, January 21, 2008


I was checking out Orhan's blog earlier today when I came across this meme he sort of started. And I quote directly from his blog the rules to this meme...

"There are no fancy rules just the basic paste and comment approach. Take three posts from your blog or website that you feel has had the most influential impact amongst your visitors and comment about your overall reaction. I will know you have taken to this meme by leaving a comment on this post yourself."

Now, my blog is somewhat on the lighter side, and I try my best to make it so, leaving the heavier stuff to the pros. Therefore, it was somewhat a challenge coming up with an idea of what could have had any influential impact on anybody at all. That and the fact that I don't really have that many readers to begin with, so who am I going to influence? Hehehe...

Anyway, I've chosen 3 posts that may have had some sort of impact or another, and if it didn't change anyone's life, it's alright, because I had fun putting them up in the first place and apparently some folks enjoyed it enough to put up their 2 cents worth ( that would be RM0.07)

Adieu leatherback turtle - When I wrote this, it was to lament about the ignorance of certain people regarding the dwindling numbers of the leatherback turtle. The local newspapers had mentioned in passing about the suspected extiction of those turtles and I just had to air my feelings towards their disappearance. The reaction to this post which I put up back in 2006 was one of the most amazing, because there were people who volunteered to stop the bad guys from further harming our animals.

Who Would it be? - This post was in response to an SMS I received from my cousin, but I couldn't answer it through that medium seeing that I had way too much to say. I thought that the response to this post was one of the most adorable ever. I also noticed that a few of my blog friends had similar opinions on whom they wanted to finish off in a jiffy.

When I grow up... - I tried being sarcastic in this post, painting my displeasure towards the nonsensical way my country was wasting tax payers money, but evidently that attribute was lost when it came to the responses because everyone got excited about pulled tea. Instead, this post became somewhat of a cultural comparison among the nations where my blog friends hailed from. It seems that we do have more similaraties than differences.

And those are the three posts that I thought could have contributed some sort of impact. And even if they didn't I do hope that they at least were entertaining :)


  1. Cool. That gave me a chance to go back and read some of your writing from before I found your blog.

  2. Quite a diverse range of topics. I did indeed enjoy reading your top three. Looks like 2006 was your blogging year :)

  3. travis: yeah, I like reading those older stuff at times too...

    orhan: Thanks. 2006 was indeed my blogging year...


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