Saturday, January 05, 2008


Despite the fact that Tristran Thorn's journey was an amazingly long one, I couldn't say the same about my own journey, though. In fact, what took them weeks and months took me merely 2 and a half days, which I spent traipsing behind Tristan and Yvaine (aka the Star) as they made their way through Faerie.

Just because life is unfair, and the taste of Malaysian movie goers is kind of skewed (not to forget that another fantasy/fairy tale movie came out around the same time), I missed the movie which carries the same name, and I did want to watch it because I heard some pretty good reviews about the movie. Alas! And since books do not really get outdated as quickly as movies do, I had no choice but to read it instead... (not that I'm complaining as I'm totally crazy about books)

In a way, I'm glad that I read the book, because one of the reviewers mentioned that the ending differs in the movie, and I personally think that the ending in the book is simply delightful, and wouldn't have been able to accept anything else. But we are not supposed to go there yet!

I suppose what the book tries to tell us is the length that people go through just for the sake of love, which is how Tristran describes his journey into Faerie as a way to get anything he desired from Victoria Forester, whom he thought he was in love with after he had found a fallen star which the both of them had seen falling. (Too bad his feelings were not reciprocated at that time)

His journey takes him through an enchanted land known as Faerie, where he meets several interesting characters. He does meet the fallen Star, but is somewhat surprised to find her in a human girl form with a broken leg. At certain intervals, the author allows us to have a glimpse at the going ons in several other places and the activities of certain characters (a unicorn and a lion, a witch and her bird - which is actually not a real bird, young lords of a land called Stormhold that carry the cutest names ever that have intentions to kill each other, a boy and his stubborn billy goat - where the boy gets turned into a goat himself by a witch queen or Lilim) that will all somehow meet each other in their own journeys as they all seek the same thing... but with different motives and rather shady objectives.

There is a secret about Tristran which he himself is unaware of, and in his journey (or more appropriately, at the end of it) the secret is revealed to him. He also learns as well that he's not as in love with Victoria Forester as he thought he was but was instead in love with the star (Yvaine), which was a good thing as Victoria was about to get married to someone else.

In conclusion, this is one of the sweetest books I've ever read recently. It's the kind of book that makes you feel all warm and happy inside for no apparent reason, which has led me to believe that I'm in love with love itself! I really have to find something serious (preferably something dark and mysterious) to read now to get back on solid ground.


  1. I've discovered that movies about fantasy or fairy tales generally aren't as good as the books. There are some exceptions, like The Princess Bride or Lord of the Rings. But most often it's best to stick with the book and your imagination.

    Glad you enjoyed the book.

  2. I see... I haven't watched that many movies to make any conclusions, but seeing the Harry Potter movies, I can't help but agree with your observation.

    I'm glad I read the book too...

  3. Oh I loved Stardust. And it does fill you with that happy feeling. I like the fact that a lot of the book is about growing up. I think films generally can't cover the depth of the book, because of a time to tell the narrative. So simplifation has to occur and, I think, what makes a good adaptation is whether the essence of the story is still there. However, even in the best of adaptations you'll never get the depth of the book... unless its a really short book!

  4. I guess I relate quite well to the growing up part myself, which is probably why I loved it so much.

    Hehehe... if they wanted to catch the essence of the book I figure that they'd have to make a miniseries :)


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