Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I was supposed to post this up on Monday, when the story was still relevent but somehow it got delayed...

You only turn a certain age once in your lifetime, and once that particular age has gone with the passing of the year, there is no way you can return to it.

About a few weeks ago, my aunt had called us and shared the news that she was planning a surprise birthday party for her daughter (who is my cousin, and we'll refer to her as Dav) who would be hitting 21 this year.

(I don't know what it is about this age that everyone seems to love it so much... is it the freedom that comes with it? (yeah right - insert bitter snigger in here) or is it that there's the possibility of everything being legal at this age? (Hahahaha!) Or is it some people's insane obsession towards keys? Ok, I've got to stop here)

Anyway, on the 26th of January, that is exactly a week after her real birthday, the party was held, after many lies were told (mostly by some of her close friends and her direct family). As we screamed "surprise" over the song that was playing in the background, we were greeted by a genuinely surprised young lady. (Yay for my aunt!) I bet my aunt was delighted at the fact that her daughter did really get surprised.

The party was a success. The food was excellent, especially after 2 weeks of attempted dieting, (it would have been excellent even without the dieting, but don't we all love some drama and exaggeration?) and it was very easygoing and pretty smooth even if there was a mix of relatives and friends at the party. I've always wondered how people managed to divide their attention equally among their relatives as well friends, but Dav moved around as though it was a non-issue. (Yeah, it most probably is a non-issue, just me thinking that it might be an issue) As usual, we, the cousins got excited at meeting each other because we rarely get to meet up, seeing that almost everyone is busy with school (everyone else) and work (only myself)

After the toast, dinner, a couple of speeches (short and sweet), a slide show which revealed all her different facets (including one of her being a thumb sucking murderess! If Dav reads this, I'm dead... hehehe... but I couldn't help it. My fingers ran away with this post!!!) and the cake cutting event (her cake was rectangular, by the way, instead of the typical key shaped one), they opened the floor for dancing. Hehehe... Some people could really dance well... including Dav (and surprisingly her sister as well who led us to believe that she had two left feet about two years ago!! Tsk tsk...) but there were many others who were hopeless! One of her friends took the task of dragging those sitting and watching to get off their asses and onto the dance floor even if they had not much knowledge of dancing (after all, I believe you do need some practice to pull off
bhangra type moves especially if you haven't done so for at least 5 years!) This was all for moral
support, by the way...

All in all, the party was tremendously enjoyable, fun and lighthearted. I bet everyone had a good time that night. Cheers for surprise parties :)


  1. It's so rare to pull of the surprise.

    I think there is a fascination with the 21st birthday because it's really the last one anyone looks forward to...mostly because of the legal drinking age in the US.

  2. Eh? bhangra in malaysia? cool!

  3. travis: I agree... I guess it went well because my cousin was in a different state (abt 6 hours away) until the very last week. Everything goes downhill after 21. I wish someone had told me that earlier!

    kartik: yeah, brought over by the immigrants from India (as well as the hindi movie craze over here)

  4. 21 is a big thing in Ireland too, despite everything being legal years before. But it is the traditional "coming of age" age... and people do get given keys... well you know really key-shaped pendants and the like. I didn't. I got a hair dryer. It still works.

    Glad you had a great night.

  5. Well, it's great that your hair dryer still works. I got a key shaped pendant in gold. I must say I was bitterly disappointed (having no money of my own at that time, I'd have preffered books or CDs) and never used it, seeing that I don't like wearing jewellery all that much (especially gold)

  6. I'm really glad you have a great time. I always find parties awkward. I think I might celebrate my 18th and 21st birthdays in quiet solitude. Hehehe!


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