Sunday, August 27, 2006

Ties that Bind

It is eerily quiet in the house on this Sunday evening. The sister has just left the house to get back to the ups and downs of studying life after an uneventful 10 days at home. It wasn't too long ago that she came back to the house for an extended weekend, to get some rest before her final exams... due to the fact that we hardly ever see each other or talk to each other or even sms each other unless there is something totally important, like a great new song or some information about something or other, her coming home is something I always look quite forward to, but she chose a particularly wrong moment to drop by. I was having long nights and long days at work including working through the weekends. Even moments spent in the house was filled with moping around the house with a worried countenance, wondering if the long days and nights will ever end... or wil the commitment pay off (definately not monetarily, the scumbags, but at least the mental anguish will finally be exinguished)
In the still hours of the night on one of those days, we (as in the sister and me) decided that we should get away from it all the next time around... trekking in Taman Negara she persistently persisted. For anyone who knows either of us personally, this would seem totally outlandish. Firstly, trekking in a jungle, Taman Negara at that... just a tad bit too ambitious. I suggested FRIM... besides it's much nearer to us, and the trek is okay. I've done it once before when I was in school, so this wouldn't be too much of a problem.
Unfortunately, the day never came. It's just our luck that even in these 10 days, no activity was done whatsoever. The long days at work came again, rather unexpectedly. The Mega shopping carnival was going on (is still), but neither of us stepped into any shopping mall (together or otherwise), no fancy food besides mom's cooking, no movies (there was a near plan, but it didn't happen due to my refusal to watch anything animated while children seated in front, behind and next to us laughed at unfunny scenes or crunched on junk food at crucial dialogue moments)
So that's it, the sister came and left, we played some SIMS, (she played while I looked cause I had initially caused the baby to be taken away by social services, hehehehe), exchanged some music files, learnt some friendster editing tips from her (haven't put them to use yet) and yeah, that's about it.
I actually miss that girl.


  1. Sisters ... you love 'em, you hate 'em, you can't live without 'em ... :-)

    I had a pretty `volatile' relationship with my sister when we were teenagers - we hated each other's guts. But now that we're older & *ahem!* wiser, we learn to accept our differences & live with it.

    Or maybe because we haven't got the energy to bicker like we used to due to the age factor ;-P

  2. Yep, the sisterly wars, the reading of each other's diaries... hehehe. Thankfully the days are long gone.

  3. we played some SIMS

    whoa. Huge coincidence, cuz I've just finished posting up a couple of pictures of my family of sims.

    Love that game!

  4. Since when did Anu become Terra Shield?

  5. btw, change the link to

    You have it as

    Thanks for the add :)

  6. Anisah: Yeah... cool co-incidence. I love the game too!

    vjanand: Terra it shall be from now on... otherwise the word secret will be deemed useless :D Anyway, thanks for the info on your link. Will get to it ASAP


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