Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Adieu Leatherback Turtle

Picture from Yahoo! News

Yesterday's news. Or was it the day before?
I recall H mentioning in random to the room about the leatherback being extinct in Malaysia. He's the only person in the crowd who reads the papers on a daily basis. It gauged no response even from the people who deep down in their hearts cared for the environment, yet never made a big difference to save it... (just using recycled paper instead of shredding it, throwing rubbish into the designated bins whenever possible, but never demostrating -peacefully or otherwise, nor climbing a tree and living on it just to prove a point)
I was one of them... Firstly, I was silent because I've been having sleep deprivation for the last few days, was also deprived of my weekend which I treasure so much and thirdly, because I could not believe it.
I've heard that the turtle numbers have been dwindling since forever (which in my terms most probably means since the 80's), and hated those torchlight wielding excitement seekers watching the poor turtles lay eggs on the beach. How would you feel if someone shined a torch at your face when you were giving birth? Huh? [Please don't say that they are animals and don't feel anything]
It's sad, really... I've never seen a real turtle... and most probably never will (given my hydrophobia which means I'll never get to dive and check out the turtles in the ocean)
I have a farfetched hope though... they said that the scientists have not fully researched the turtles, and that there a few mysteries still remaining... All I hope is that their internal compass has led them to nest in other places, safer and more conducive, and with much more privacy. I'm saying this because I believe the moving of the tectonic plates has most probably shited dramatically after the earthquake which caused the tsunami in 2004.


  1. Let's save the turtles! You get the beach and I'll get the sea. We'll just beat up anyone who gets close to them. And to insure that those outside of Malaysia survive, we'll provide free magazines for their *ahem* entertainement...

    Turtle, turtle.

  2. Yeah!!! That's the spirit :)

  3. Thats so sad :(

    And Im with u guys, gimme somethin to hit with and I'll take any turtle-hurting scumbags out!!


  4. Silversabre... you dropped by again. Join the club... :)

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  6. It saddens me to hear of any animal that has become extinct. Thanks for sharing the awesome picture.

  7. Never knew that. I hope they found safer and more productive grounds on which to flourish as well.

  8. Great post!

    Thanks for participating.

  9. Whew.... it's hard for me to tell you I enjoyed seeing the turtles - don't hate me please.... hopefully they'll be like the Bald Eagles and make a comeback! Thanks for sharing - I'm here via the Carnival.

  10. Hi...I am walking down the midway at THE BESTEST BLOG CARNIVAL and enjoyed your attraction...

  11. Completely disturbing, isn't it? As an environmental scientist it's particularly frustrating because I know better, yet still feel so helpless. We fight the battles we can, where we can. Don't lose hope, though. We are doing better in some areas (reintroduction of wolves to Yellowstone, for example). There is always hope.

  12. My pal Desert Rat is correct - there is always hope, or at least as long as there are a few of them left.

    Here via the Carnival.

  13. Turtles are cute. I've been known to stop the car, get out and move one across the road. Great post. Came here via Morgen's Carnival.
    Hope you'll submit next week at my place (Mimi Writes). The subject is Your Favorite Meme.

  14. Great post thanks for sharing that. Turtles are awesome and I sure these ones make it.

  15. If I were able to give birth you can sure bet I'd want the least amount of people watching me, torch or no torch.


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