Saturday, August 05, 2006

Seeking your opinion

Dear people who read this....

I've never done this before, as in asking your opinion about something. Well, of course this does not include the occasional questions that I pop in the posts every now and then, but this time... it's different.
As some of you'll might or might not know, I've been learning Japanese the last few months. It hasn't been easy, but it's allright (the class is kinda fun because of the funny conversations that happen in the class).
Back to the point of this post now.
At the end of this year, there will be an exam consisting of a listening test, as well as a written test. Unfortunately for me (and most probably everyone else too) the final date of submitting the names for the test is on 15 August. As you can see, I'm running out of time and I can't decide if I should take the test or not.
To make it easier (as to why I'm making SUCH a big deal of this) I shall list down the Why I shoulds and Why I shouldn'ts of the test.
Why I should
1. It's objective
2. It's in December, so I still have lots of time to study (yuk)
3. I get a cert?
4. It's a way to move up, career wise (or so I think :)
5. ??
Why I shouldn't
1. I'm not good at languages (I can't even grasp my own mother tongue!)
2. This language consists of 3 types of writing (2 i can manage, but the 3rd type is known as Kanji - Chinese characters and there's about 100 of them)
3. I've not been following the classes properly of late due to work
4. I've not been revising as I should due to the fact that I'd rather read 'The Catcher in the Rye' for the 3rd time instead of studying
5. I passed the class exams due to pure luck and intensive midnight oil burning
6. I can't hear well
7. I'm scared of failing
People whom I've asked personally have said "just do it! You've got nothing to lose"
Seriously. What should I do? Should I take the exam or not?


  1. Dont even think abt flunking the test. Give it ur best shot, and I am sure u r gonna make thru it fine!

  2. Hi Anusha

    Firstly thanks for stoppin by me blog again :)

    And in response to your question:
    "We regret more the things we did not do..."

    So just go for it :) And me and the rest of the internet will be holdin thumbs for you :)


  3. Anusha, just do it, girl! Don't let your unfounded fears make you pass up an opportunity.

    P.S.: I think the Japanese language is such a beautiful language, so by all means, put your name on that paper already!

  4. Hey, Im just a random, saw ur dilemma and thought id giv my 2 cents worth...well i liv in Australia, studying Malaysian/Indonesian at the moment (Selamat pagi, apa kabar and all that). The fact that this blog is in English and your profile says that you are situated in Malaysia, I presume you know both Malaysian and English languages already (sorry if you dont, i wouldnt no). Anyway, if I could speak Malaysian as well as you can speak English, I definately wouldnt be 2 worried bout learning a third language. So remember that if you fail Japanese, youv always got English.

  5. Silversabre: Thanks, dude

    Pugly: Yeah... there is a nice ring to the language. In fact I do enjoy the classes... only problem is the exams are pretty tiresome...

    Cal: Hi.. Thanks for dropping by. Looks like it's a majority win for 'go ahead and take the test!' :)

  6. it may be too late but I'm going to pitch in anyway.
    same as everyone else, take the test.
    you may get a surprise that you know more than you think, but even if you don't, it's good experience and may help to motivate you for later.

  7. Ohaiyo Gozaimasu, dear Cherry Blossom

    Guess it's too late for Prometheus San to pitch in his 20 Million Yen (never 2 cents).

    Though Katagana and Hiragana are both Swahili to me, I'd say take the test. If ya do manage to flunk, there's always next time. I'd suggest you tora the exams with maximum kime.

    And put me outta the suspense. What DID happen finally?

    Sensei Prometheus San

  8. Errr... Prometheus san,

    What happened was, I gave my name to the HR manager for submission, unfortunately, the clowns who organise the whole exam thing also need 2 photos of the person who's going to sit for the exam. (as if anyone else would want to sit on their behalf)

    At the moment, I havent been able to get to any photo studio to get my picture printed...

    Do I get to sit for the exam? The saga continues...

    Domo arigatou gozaimasu...


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